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How to Download and Enable Workshop Mods on Your Project Zomboid Server

Mods add new features, customizations, and more to Project Zomboid. This guide will walk you through adding mods to your server’s configuration file so that they are downloaded to the server and enabled. For the purposes of this article, we will be showing how to add this vehicle mod.

Locate the Mod’s IDs

There are many different mods that you can check out on the Project Zomboid Steam Workshop. Once you’ve selected which mod you want, click to go to its individual page. Most workshop items should include both the mod's Workshop ID and the mod's Mod ID at the bottom of the page’s description typically right above the comment section.

Project Zomboid Steam Workshop highlighting the Mod ID

Copy or take note of these IDs as they will be needed. If the mod requires or depends on any other mods to run then those IDs will need to be recorded as well.

Project Zomboid Steam Workshop example highlighting required mods

Download and Enable Your Mods

Now that you have the IDs, the server can be adjusted to download and enable those mods in your configuration. In your File Manager locate the .ini config file in the /config/Server folder. Click to edit this file and search for the settings WorkshopItems= and Mods=.

The Workshop Items setting controls what mods are being downloaded to the server. The Mods setting controls which mods are being loaded and enabled by the server.

You’ll want to add all of the Workshop IDs to the WorkshopItems setting and the Mod IDs to the Mods setting. For adding multiple mods a semicolon should be included in between each ID. For example, this is how you would add a vehicle mod and its two required mods.


Save your changes once you’ve added all of the IDs you want and then start up the server. The mods will begin to download in the server console and be enabled when the server fully starts up.

Whenever someone joins the server they will be asked to subscribe to and download any of the mods that have been added.

Project Zomboid client being requested to download mods to join a server

Downloading New Mod Files

As the base game of Project Zomboid updates each workshop mod may need to be updated for it to work and so that you can join the server. If you are concerned that your mod files are not up to date they can be deleted and redownloaded.

To do so, first Stop your server, go to your File Manager, and locate the /steamapps folder.

Nodepanel File Manager highlighting where mods are stored and can be deleted

The Workshop folder contains all of your downloaded mod files which is what we’re looking to reset. After selecting the folder click Delete. Now when the server starts back up again the most recent mod files will be downloaded.

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