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How to Enable and Access Your Web Admin for Your Killing Floor 2 Dedicated Server

Killing Floor 2 provides a Web Admin site that allows you or other people you give Admin status, to make changes to the server while its running. This guide will explain how to enable Web Admin for your server and log into your Web Admin site.

How to Enable WebAdmin on your Server

  • Make sure your server is offline. Otherwise the changes you make won't take affect until the server is restarted.

  • Go over to the Game Settings tab in the control panel. In that tab you'll need to click the button Show Advanced Options

  • After clicking to see the advanced options you will see the following:

KF2 Game Settings showing Admin GUI

  • To enable your Web Admin you'll need to insert an Admin Password and checkmark Enable the server's built in Web Admin panel.

  • Once you have done that, go ahead and start your server and the WebAdmin site will be online as long as the server is online.

How to Connect to your WebAdmin

  • Go ahead and copy your IP Address from the Overview page in the control panel.

  • Next, open up your chosen Internet Browser and paste your IP Address in the URL address bar and add the port 8080. It should look something like 0000.0000.0000.0000:8080

  • After you enter that into the URL, hit enter and the following page should be shown:

KF2 WebAdmin Login

  • To login to the WebAdmin enter Admin as the Username and type in your Admin Password you set earlier on the server.

  • Once you login you should see something like the following:

KF2 Web Admin

You now have access to your WebAdmin and can manage all kinds of different settings for your server!

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