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Adding an Allowlist (Whitelist) to Your Server

Day of Dragons offers an allowlist system which allows you to restrict your server to only the players you wish to join.

Add Players to Allowlist With NodePanel

As the official server hosting provider for Day of Dragons, our panel provides many useful features for Day of Dragons server admins. This includes an interface to manage and enable the allowlist on your server.

  • Stop the server. For any changes to be saved the server must be offline.

  • From the "Game Settings" menu, ensure the "Enable Allowlist" checkbox is checked and saved. Enable the allowlist on your Day of Dragons server

  • Open the "Players" menu and click on the "Allowlist" tab to open the interface

  • Search for the player you wish to add to the allowlist. You can use their Steam community profile name, or their Steam64ID. Search and add player to allowlist in Day of Dragons server

  • Once you're done adding players to the allowlist, hit the "Save" button to save changes. <br> <div class="center"> <a class="btn blue" href="">Get your own Day of Dragons Server</a> </div>

Add Players to Allowlist Manually

  • Stop the server.

  • Open the /Dragons/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/Game.ini file. This file path may be different if you're running the server under another operating system.

  • The file will look somewhat like this:

  • Set bServerUseJoinList=true to make the server use an allowlist.

  • Add additional lines such as sServerJoinList=76561198047699606 to the file for every SteamID you want to be allowlisted. This uses the Steam64ID format, which you can lookup using a tool like

  • Here's an example if you wanted to add 2 users to the allowlist:

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