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What is a Palworld Community Server?

Palworld offers two types of game servers options:

  • Palworld Dedicated Server

  • Palworld Community Server

What difference does a Palworld Community Server offer?


A community server is publicly listed to invite players to join your Palworld server. This is great for content creators, gaming communities, Discord servers, or other public gaming resources that want to invite the public player base to their server.

If you'd like to enable your Nodecraft server to be a Community Server and listed, you'll want to ensure your server is offline, then go to the Game Settings tab, checkmark the Community Server setting, Save your change, and then Start your server!

A view of the Game Settings tab for a Palworld server within Nodepanel. Enabling the Community Server setting.

If you don't have access to our Panel, you'll want to add EpicApp=PalServer as a Startup Argument to your server.


A non-community server is designed for private play for your friends and family. You'll need the dedicated IP address for your server to join this server type.

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