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What are DNS Hostnames?

All websites, game servers, and internet services rely on a core technology called Domain Name System or DNS for short. This allows humans to name computer IP addresses for easier readability and discoverability. This means you can visit, rather than having to know the server's IP address to get there.

How does it work?

For a complete technical walk-through we recommend reading this comic provided by DNSimple.

How this affects game servers

Any servers you purchase from us are issued a dedicated IP address, unique to your server. While players can join using this IP, it may not be easy for them to find or remember. When you create an instance, you set its DNS hostname, which can be used interchangeably when trying to join. You can think of it as an alias to your server's IP.

Do I still need to use a port?

The DNS hostname does not include a port by default as most games will assume a default port when using a DNS hostname. Typically, you will not need to specify a port in addition to your DNS hostname.

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