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How to Quickly Find and Join Your 7 Days to Die Server

This guide will show you how to quickly find and join your 7 Days to Die server.

Find Your Server's IP Address

The IP address for your server will be shown on the "Overview" section of the Nodecraft control panel, in the "Server Information" portion of that page. The field is labelled "Dedicated IP Address".

Click on "Join a Game"

From the main title screen of the game, click on the "Join a Game" option.

A view of the main title screen for the game 7 Days to Die, with the

Click on "Connect to IP..." Button

The server listings will appear on screen. Click on the button at the lower edge of the screen, titled "Connect to IP...". This will cause a small window to open in the center of the screen, requesting the IP address and port for the server connection.

A view of the server listings for the game 7 Days to Die, with

Enter your Server's IP Address

In the small pop up window, type the IP address for your server into the "IP" field.

The port field should automatically default to 26900. You will not need to change the port unless you've set a different port number then the default of 26900 on your server.

Click the "Connect" button when you are finished entering the IP address.

A view of the server listings for 7 Days to Die, and the pop up window to enter IP address to join a server

Server Loading Screen will Appear

You will join the server, and you will see a loading screen, similar to the screenshot below. The client will begin downloading a copy of the world information.

The world download process generally takes longer the first time you join a server, and becomes quicker when rejoining a server. The estimated time shown can decrease dramatically during the loading time, based on the download progress. Please wait for the download to finish, and you will appear in the game!

A view of a loading screen when joining a 7 Days to Die server, showing the map being downloaded.

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