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Server backups

Creating a backup

New backups are made in two ways: the "Create Backup" button on the Backups page, and by Automated Tasks. When creating a backup, any older backups that aren't locked will be automatically deleted to ensure there's enough space for the new backup to be stored. If you don't want a previous backup to be deleted, you can "lock" it by using the dropdown menu on the Backups page next to any individual backup.

Restoring a backup

To restore an entire backup, which will delete and replace all of the files currently on your server, place your cursor over the backup you want to restore, then the Manage button that appears, and click Deploy to Instance in the menu that appears.

Retrieving files from a backup

First, you'll need to make an empty folder in your server's files. Go to the File Manager page and click Create Folder. Now go back to the Backups page and mouse over the backup you want, then the Manage button, and click Upload to Server as zip file. Note that the name of this zip file will not bear any resemblance to the name of your backup. You will need to look at the times of your files to determine which is the newest if you have more than one backup zip in your main directory. Once you've found it, click on the file, then click Move. Select your empty folder from the drop down box and confirm the move. Now go into that folder, click on the zip file again, and click Unzip. You will now have a complete copy of the server's files from the time of the backup in that folder.

Making further backups

If you wish to share your server's files with others, or have a personal copy for your own use, you can do so by clicking the Download button that appears alongside the Manage button when you mouse over the backup listing.

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