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About Nodecraft

Nodecraft connects the world via game servers.

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Here at Nodecraft we bring the entire planet a little closer with gaming. Our humble beginnings started with helping lower the barrier to entry for anyone creating their own Minecraft server. Today Nodecraft brings that same simplicity of creating your own server to any game on any platform.

If you've played games with a Twitch Streamer, any popular survival games, or any online games with friends, chances are you've already experienced the difference that Nodecraft provides.

With dedicated support staff, an in-house development team, and a passion for gaming, we're determined to show how game servers are done right!

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NodePanel 2

It’s the next generation of innovative game server hosting. Our team built it from the ground up to provide you with the fastest, most flexible, and powerful hosting experience. Game server hosting doesn't get better than this!

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Who we are

Nodecraft is a rapidly growing startup, comprised of gamers, programmers, designers, and digital artisans. Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Nodecraft was founded in 2012.

Nodecraft Partner Program

Nodecraft Partnership Program

Twitch Streamers, YouTubers, Mod developers, and hundreds of other creators are grow their communities via the Nodecraft Partnership Program.

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Branding Guidelines

You want to show your love for Nodecraft? Sweet, but make sure to follow our branding guidelines and use the right colors!

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Bring the incredible Nodecraft art you know and love to your desktop and phone with these free wallpapers!

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Look, our lawyers said we had to put this on our website to keep people safe. Here it is, are you happy now?

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