The NodeCraft Co-Founders

About Us

NodeCraft Hosting LLC was founded in 2012 by Jonathan Yarbor and James Ross. With a passion for both gaming and technology, they developed the company utilising their knowledge of the industry, and always staying ahead of the technology curve through their innovative and unique visions.

High performance game servers and dedicated servers are offered in multiple locations across the world, powered by enterprise grade network and hardware. We work closely with you to ensure we're providing the best possible service, and this personalisation of service extends throughout everything we do, including our support channels.

The NodeCraft Mission

We founded NodeCraft as gamers with a vision to change how game servers are rented. We vow to never lose sight of what is truly important to our customers.

What makes us different

One of our original founding principles was to reject the industry standard in the way we operate. This is why we've chosen to build our own control panel, provide support via livechat and phone, and much more. We focus on providing what our customers want rather than participating in a bidding war to the bottom with lower pricing. With NodeCraft you'll experience a premium service complete with support staff that truly care.

Registered Business

NodeCraft has been a registered and licensed business in the State of Oklahoma, United States since its foundation in 2012. You can view its status with the State of Oklahoma via this link:

Our Timeline


We launched NodeCraft! We started by utilising the industry standard Multicraft + WHMCS setup, and began with a single location, in US West - Phoenix, Arizona. From day one, we offered support via live chat, tickets, and over the Phone, which was quite a rarity at the time. We also launched with a 3 day Money Back Guarantee, which is still in effect today!

May 21st, 2012

Prototype Development Started

From day one, we had big dreams and began working on various control panel prototypes that would later lead the way to what we now call NodePanel.

June 1st, 2012

Dedicated IP's Launched

Every single customer was provisioned a dedicated IP for their service. The upgrade to our network was done at no additional cost for our customers and was a big step for increasing the value of our service and improving network stability.

July 30th, 2012

Service Launched in US East

We extended our network to include a new datacenter in Ashburn, Virginia.

February 5th, 2013
Summer Sale 2013

Summer Sale 2013

We launched our first, big sale using artwork that we had drawn specifically for us. The sale was dubbed a “Summer Pass” and offered parents and kids the ability to purchase a server for the entire summer.

May 1st, 2013
Summer Sale 2013

New Logo

We made the very hard decision to invest into rebranding ourselves with some outsourced consulting. This resulted in a new logo, and paved the way to our recognisable brand today.

Read more September 6th, 2013

Service Launched in Europe

We extended our network to include a new datacenter in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Read more November 11th, 2013
Summer Sale 2013

NodePanel: Closed Beta Testing

After months of hard work, and numerous prototypes, we were finally ready to announce our closed beta launch. We provided beta codes to all customers who signed up, and hundreds of other users, which provided one month use at no charge whatsoever.

Read more June 20th, 2014

NodePanel: Open Beta

After an inital round of closed testing, we fixed many bugs, but more importantly found how we could improve our control panel.

Read more August 7th, 2014

NodeCDN & ATLauncher Partnership

We worked with the ATLauncher to build a global CDN to help facilitate fast download servers for the modpacks provided.

November 17th, 2014
Summer Sale 2013

Modpack: Bytesize Launched

After several months of partnering with the ATLauncher, we felt the need to give back. We had an opportunity to get a better perspective of the modpack developers if we produced our own, so we launched Bytesize, a minimal modpack designed for new-comers and gamers with less powerful machines.

Read more January 9th, 2015

Further Community Projects

We launched our Community page on our website, detailing all of our partners and those we were fortunate to work with. This included various popular streamers such as AnneMunition, projects such as MCEdit, and much more content!

Read more January 9th, 2015

Service Launched in US Southeast

We extended our network to include a new datacenter in Atlanta, Georgia.

Read more April 30th, 2015

Open for 3 Years!

It's been an exciting year and we've closed it out our most successful by far. We hope to continue to grow with our customers, and we have so much more to release in the near future, entering our 4th year of operations. Stay tuned!

Read more May 21st, 2015

Service Launched in US Northeast

We extended our network to include a new datacenter in Chicago, Illinois.

Read more May 27th, 2015

Service Launched in the United Kingdom

We extended our network to include a new datacenter in Maidenhead, United Kingdom.

Read more May 30th, 2015

Expanded disk limits on 3 year anniversary

To celebrate our 3rd year of service we upgraded our servers to include double the storage for SSD and backup at no additional fee to our customers.

Read more June 18th, 2015

Minecon 2015!

We exhibited alongside the ATLauncher with our own booth at Minecon 2015! We met a lot of fantastic people and can't wait to do it again!

Read more July 4th, 2015

Hardware & Network Upgrades/Migrations

We announced our schedule to migrate customers to a better network provider with newer hardware. Once again upgrading our customers at no additional fee.

Read more Dec 28th, 2015

NodeCraft is Mobile Ready

We upgraded our website to be entirely mobile ready!

Read more Nov 16th, 2016

Service Launched in Singapore

We extended our network to include a new datacenter in Paya Lebar, Singapore.

Read more Feb 2th, 2017

NodePanel 2 Beta Launch Party

We celebrated the beta launch of NodePanel 2 at our Oklahoma City Office.

Read more March 1st, 2015

NodeCraft Turns 5!

We celebrate our 5th year of operations with a quick history of the company.

Read more May 21st, 2017