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Legal Documents

These documents help protect our customers, their data, and give some legal framework to how Nodecraft operates:

Privacy Policy

What data Nodecraft collects from our users and how we use that data.

Cookie Policy

Chocolate cookies are tastier than online tracking cookies. Get more info on how Nodecraft tracks users with cookies.

Money Back Guarantee

We think everyone will love creating a game server at Nodecraft, so we put our money where our mouth is.

Terms of Service

All Nodecraft customers are bound by these rules & restrictions.

Acceptable Use Policy

These terms outline how we expect Nodecraft server owners to act while using Nodecraft.

Service Level Agreement

Outlines Nodecraft's commitment to keeping your game server online & advises about any compensation you can request should any issues arise.

Partner Code of Conduct

Outlines code of conduct Nodecraft expects all of its partnered content creators and Game Studios to adhere to.

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