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Hey there, this is a list of all the cool folks that work at Nodecraft! Everyone listed here is either a founder or a fully vested employee with benefits and stock options. We're a workplace that strives to create an environment that smart and talented people are excited to work at. Think you have what it takes to build the future of online gaming? Check out our openings on our jobs page!

Jonathan Yarbor Jonathan Yarbor chibi
Jonathan Yarbor chibi
Jonathan Yarbor co-founder
  • Chief-Executive-Officer
  • Software-Engineer

I'm a self-made entrepreneur, self-taught software engineer & systems architect, and gaming enthusiast. I've transformed my passion for gaming and technology into a startup focused on building the future of online gaming infrastructure. When I'm not working I'm experimenting on something in the kitchen, playing video, board, or role-playing games with friends, or helping build the future of the startup and tech ecosystems in Oklahoma.

  • First Person Shooters
  • Creative Building Games
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Space/futurology themed games
James Ross James Ross chibi
James Ross chibi
James Ross co-founder
  • Chief-Technical-Officer
  • Software-Engineer

I've always been interested in game server hosting and began satisfying that interest from a very young age, building and maintaining gaming communities for years. I'm a self-taught software engineer and am excited to be working towards the future of online gaming. I'm also extremely passionate about web performance and security, and you'll often find me tweeting or blogging about these topics.

  • First Person Shooters
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Graphic Adventure
  • Rocket League
Ben Riffey Ben Riffey chibi
Ben Riffey chibi
Ben Riffey
  • Chief-Marketing-Officer
  • Creative-Director

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer who has been playing games as long as I can remember, from Tiger handhelds before I could get a Gameboy, to PC gaming. I'm a giant WoW nerd, but on an RP server. So I'm really good at standing in towns for long periods of time.

  • Survival Horror
  • Creative Building Games
  • Tanking All The Things!
Ben W Headshot Ben W chibi
Ben W chibi
Ben W
  • Junior-Developer
  • Software-Engineer

I am a programmer with experience in several programming languages. I enjoy games where I am able to experiment with different strategies, and don't mind complexity. I tend to dabble in different technology fields, and also have issues playing a game all the way through.

  • Sandbox games like Minecraft and Factorio
  • Open world games
  • Roguelikes and Dwarf Fortress
Alyssa D headshot Alyssa D chibi
Alyssa D chibi
Alyssa D
  • Customer-Support-Manager

I specialize in providing outstanding customer service and have a hunger for technology. I started gaming as a young child on my Nintendo and also thoroughly enjoyed the Final Fantasy series through my teenage years. I have a creative streak and love making things with my hands, whether it's low-poly papercraft art or needle felting my favorite characters.

Taylor T Headshot Harley W chibi
Harley W chibi
Harley W
  • Social-Media-Coordinator

I'm a gamer and digital artist in my free-time. My first games were Sonic The Hedgehog and Spryo The Dragon, and I've been entranced ever since. My favorite things to do are design characters and develop stories. I'm a PS2 and Gamecube kid, so I get a lot of inspiration from JRPGs and early 2000's 3D platformers.

  • JRPGs (Persona series, Atelier series)
  • Sandbox games
  • 3D platformers
A picture of Chey a customer support representative Chey T chibi
Chey T chibi
Chey T
  • Project-Manager
  • Support-Specialist

(Pronounced like "Shay")

Heyo! I'm a certified and professional crazy cat person first and foremost! But, when I'm not cuddling my kitties then I'm usually dabbling in a little bit of everything else. Writing is my main hobby, from fanfiction to original short stories! And if I'm not writing, then I'm most likely painting or doodling. Favorite games include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Tabletop games; TCGs, deck building, dice, and board games
  • The Elder Scrolls; Skyrim and ESO
  • RPGs
  • Open world
  • And Pokemon, of course!
A photo of a human, known colloquially as Sean B Sean B chibi
Sean B chibi
Sean B
  • Support-Tier-2-Tech

I'm a fresh graduate programmer new to the industry. However gaming has always been an important part of my life. Starting with Pokemon handhelds to grinding the League of Legend's ladder, I have experience with multiple gaming communities. I also enjoy card and tabletop games as well. When it comes to gaming I love a bit of everything.

  • MMOs
  • MOBAs
  • RPGs/JRPGs
  • TCGs
500 Rustin C chibi
Rustin C chibi
Rustin C
  • Partnership-Account-Manager

I’m a gamer/tech enthusiast, iced tea aficionado, and a travel junkie when I have the opportunity. My role at Nodecraft is all about supporting and developing people. This industry contains uncharted opportunity, and it’s exciting to partner with developers and content creators to pursue new territory. On the weekends, you’ll find me with family, exploring a new restaurant, or playing one of the many games in my ever-growing backlog.

  • Real Time Strategy
  • Open World
  • RPGs
Rory B Rory B. chibi
Rory B. chibi
Rory B.
  • Community-Manager

I’m a Partnered Broadcaster on Twitch that streams everything from video games to baking cake sculptures in the kitchen. My amazing 80 year old grandma taught me how to game when I was little. From Tomb Raider to GTA, she taught me everything I know! I used to race cars in my younger days and I’m a retired preschool teacher. When I’m not gaming or baking I read and hang out with my cats. Past companies I’ve worked with include EA, Ubisoft, and Xbox.

  • Tomb Raider
  • Minecraft
  • Open World
  • Action RPG’s
  • Indie games
A picture of Nicole Nicole H chibi
Nicole H chibi
Nicole H
  • Support-Tier-2-Tech

Yo! Nerd here ranging from tabletops, cards, platform games, pc games, anime and beyond. I like to try to have my fingers in all the pie slices and flavors so to speak. In exponentially growing genres, that can be difficult to do, but I do my best. I love animals, if I could I'd adopt all the homeless animals I could, hold them and squeeze them and love them forever. (Looney Tunes reference, am I showing my age? lol)

  • Terraria
  • JRPGS such as Final Fantasy's (XIV my main game atm), Tales Series, Kingdom Hearts, Persona etc…
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Uncharted Series
  • Team Fight Tactics
  • Horror Games
IMG_6879 1 Silas H chibi
Silas H chibi
Silas H
  • Junior-Frontend-Developer

I’m a self-taught Front-End developer who is passionate about building Single Page Applications, improving UIs, or working on improving my UX skills. I love Battle Royal games because there’s nothing more satisfying than being the last one alive. I also love working on my backyard, annoying my German Shepherd/walking her, working out, and learning new technologies.

  • First-person shooters
  • Battle Royal Games
  • Minecraft
Tony-T Tony T chibi
Tony T chibi
Tony T
  • Support-Specialist

Does anybody actually enjoy writing about themselves? It's so strange making yourself seem interesting. But I digress… I'm a former educator in Technical Theatre. I live for live performances and design. Hobbies include numismatics, magnet fishing, tattoos and of course…..GAMES! I am a lover of all things gaming; including board games, card games, console games, PC games, sports games, and everything in between.
Key titles I play are:

  • EVE Online
  • Neocron
  • Hearthstone
  • Skyrim
  • Mass Effect
  • Legandary
A picture of the awesome doggo Buddy Buddy chibi
Buddy chibi
  • Office-Doggo

My name is Buddy and I'm everybody's buddy! My favorite games are chasing squirrels, playing with my bear, and hiking trails. I also enjoy getting on the couch when Alyssa isn't watching, but don't tell her that!

Wilbur - the office dog headshot Wilbur chibi
Wilbur chibi
  • Office-Doggo

Hi! I'm Wilbur! I'm really excited to be the OG office dog at Nodecraft. I love everyone because they give me good pats. My favorite games:

  • Tug of war
  • Fetch (BIG WOOF!)
  • Tag with other good puppers
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