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The smartest people changing multiplayer.

  • Illustrated noggin of Jon

    Jonathan Yarbor

    Chief Executive Officer

    I'm a startup entrepreneur, self-taught software engineer, systems architect, hobbiest home-chef, father, and gamer.

    Gaming has played a foundational role in my life. No exaggeration: my first word was "SEGA" from the opening of Sonic The Hedgehog. I've built thriving gaming communities and brought the world a little closer in gaming in my career.

  • James Ross

    James Ross

    Chief Technical Officer

    I've always been interested in game server hosting and began satisfying that interest from a very young age, building and maintaining gaming communities for years. I'm a self-taught software engineer and am excited to be working towards the future of online gaming. I'm also extremely passionate about web performance and security, and you'll often find me tweeting or blogging about these topics.

  • Ben Riffey

    Ben Riffey

    Chief Communication Officer

    I'm an illustrator and graphic designer who has been playing games as long as I can remember, from Tiger handhelds before I could get a Gameboy, to PC gaming. I'm a giant WoW nerd, but on an RP server. So I'm really good at standing in towns for long periods of time.

  • Ashley B Avatar

    Ashley B

    Product Manager

  • Matt Chibi Noggin

    Matt A

    Software Engineer

  • Alexis W

    Alexis W

    Software Engineer

  • Jamie Chibi Noggin

    Jamie C

    Software Engineer

  • Ryan Chibi Noggin

    Ryan B

    Partnerships Manager

  • Chey's noggin!

    Chey T

    Customer Support Manager

  • Sean B

    Sean B

    Support Tier 2 Tech

  • Nicole H

    Nicole H

    Support Tier 2 Tech

  • placeholder chibi

    Cameron W

    Support Tier 2 Tech

  • Lottie's noggin

    Lottie D

    Support Tier 1 Tech

  • Landon W

    Landon W

    Support Tier 1 Tech

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