Our Staff

Jonathan Yarbor
Jonathan Yarbor chibi
Jonathan Yarbor co-founder
  • Chief-Executive-Officer

I'm a self-made entrepreneur, self-taught software engineer & systems architect, and gaming enthusiast. I've transformed my passion for gaming and technology into a startup focused on building the future of online gaming infrastructure. When I'm not working I'm experimenting on something in the kitchen, playing video, board, or role-playing games with friends, or helping build the future of the startup and tech ecosystems in Oklahoma.

  • First Person Shooters
  • Creative Building Games
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Space/futurology themed games
James Ross
James Ross chibi
James Ross co-founder
  • Chief-Technical-Officer
  • Community-Manager

I've always been interested in game server hosting and began satisfying that interest from a very young age. Since then, I've morphed my knowledge into much wider areas of technology including web development and network management.

  • First Person Shooters
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Graphic Adventure
  • Rocket League
Ben Riffey
Ben Riffey chibi
Ben Riffey
  • Chief-Communications-Officer
  • Illustrator

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer who has been playing games as long as I can remember, from Tiger handhelds before I could get a Gameboy, to PC gaming. I'm a giant WoW nerd, but on an RP server. So I'm really good at standing in towns for long periods of time.

  • Survival Horror
  • Creative Building Games
  • Tanking All The Things!
Greg S.
Greg S chibi
Greg S
  • Senior-DevOps-Engineer

I’m a programmer and sysad, and have been in a bunch of startups. Been yelling at games since CLOAD STARTREK.BAS and still keep buying them. Why? WHY!? I like mil-sims, RPG, and survival horror. Lately I’ve been going for a chill vibe, including having fun listening to vinyl again.

Ben W
Ben W chibi
Ben W
  • Junior-Developer

I am a programmer with experience in several programming languages. I enjoy games where I am able to experiment with different strategies, and don't mind complexity. I tend to dabble in different technology fields, and also have issues playing a game all the way through.

  • Sandbox games like Minecraft and Factorio
  • Open world games
  • Roguelikes and Dwarf Fortress
William S
William S chibi
William S
  • Customer-Support-Manager

I've worked in the computer game industry in the silicon valley area of California, both on the console and PC sides. I've been a gamer my entire life, and not just computer games, any kind of game. Card games, table top miniatures, etc.

  • RPGs like Skyrim and Fallout 3 & 4.
  • Survival sandbox games (7D2D, etc)
  • MMO's but only if I get to play the class everyone thinks is useless
Taylor T
Taylor T chibi
Taylor T
  • Support-Specialist

I'm a gamer and digital artist in my free-time. My first games were Sonic The Hedgehog and Spryo The Dragon, and I've been entranced ever since. My favorite things to do are design characters and develop stories. I'm a PS2 and Gamecube kid, so I get a lot of inspiration from JRPGs and early 2000's 3D platformers.

  • JRPGs (Persona series, Atelier series)
  • Sandbox games
  • 3D platformers
Stephen Lains
Stephen Lains chibi
Stephen Lains
  • Support-Specialist

I'm not very good at games. Any of them, really. I love them all the same, and am dedicated to the idea that everybody should be free to choose their own experiences in these little machine generated worlds.

  • Role-playing games
  • Beat-’em-ups
  • Anything with mod support!
Wilbur Staff Photo
Wilbur chibi
  • Office-Doggo

Hi! I'm Wilbur! I'm really excited to be the office dog at Nodecraft. I love everyone because they give me good pats. My favorite games:

  • Tug of war
  • Fetch
  • Tag with other good bois
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