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Game Server Automation

Features / Automation

Instantly Automate backups, commands, & Discord

No plugins, mods, or coding required.

  • ✅ Scheduled weekly to every minute

  • ✅ In-game events triggers

  • ✅ Start/Stop Server

  • ✅ Create Backups

  • ✅ Commands

  • ✅ Discord

  • ✅ Webhooks

  • ✅ Pause/Delays

Nodepanel Automation Screenshot

Game Swapping

Instantly save and swap your game server with Nodecraft for no extra fee. Don't limit yourself to playing just one game!

Low Latency Locations

Lower the server ping by spawning a game server near you with Nodecraft's locations all around the world.

Cloud Backups

You don't have to worry about losing your game server data with Nodecraft's Cloud Backups.

Create a game server today

No Lag Game Servers starting at $6.49

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