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Illustration of a globe with pins of various datacenters
Service Updates

Location Availability is Now Public

Nodecraft made it easier to find a location to deploy your game server! Deploy a game server near you today!

Jordan K Games' avatar in the spotlight with game characters all around.

Partner Showcase: Jordankgames

This month we are passing the spotlight to JordanKGames! Hoarder of Skyrim mods and good vibes, Jordan is a fulltime Twitch streamer and content creator!

Nodecraft and Tebex logos puzzle piecing together on a deep blue background of space.
Company Updates

Tebex integration is live on Nodecraft!

Ever wanted to open a storefront for your Minecraft server? We’re excited to introduce you to our brand new integration: TEBEX! 🥳 You can now connect to your Tebex webstore and monetize your servers with only a few clicks, straight from your control panel.

Nonbinary pride wallpapers on display on phone and monitor.

The new addition to the Pride Series is live!

Every June, we add a new flag to our pride wallpaper series to celebrate. This year, the Nonbinary Pride colors were voted to be the addition for 2023! 💛🤍💜🖤

Currency symbols in bright colors orbit around the earth, with a blue NodeBot
Service Updates

8 New Currencies Now Available!

Nodecraft adds support for several new local currencies such as AUD, CAD, JPY, and more for gamers to create their own servers.

ftlak logo

Partner Showcase: FTLAK

Hailing from the frozen north but keeping their community toasty with good vibes. FTLAK is an expert when it comes to survival games with their content focusing around the game “Don’t Starve Together”, streaming it on Twitch and posting tutorials/tip videos to Youtube.

Nodebots float in space with a cake and 11 candles
Company Updates

Happy birthday, Nodecraft! 🥳

Happy birthday, Nodecraft! 🥳 Today, we turn 11! Feels like just yesterday, we were 10. 🧐

Nodecraft background with silent logo

Partner Showcase: SilentWisperer

Get your redstone contraptions ready as this month we are highlighting @Silentwisperer!

Pixelmon Reforged Switch Giveaway!  Pokemon gather with Alex and Steve in a Minecraft sunset.

Pixelmon Switch Giveaway

Want a chance to win a Switch with our partner, Pixelmon? 😮 Get your information here!

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