Providing some of the most prolific modpacks in the Minecraft community, the ATLauncher partnered with us to provide much needed stability with their downloads. We’ve extended the partnership to assistance with their new logo, and much more coming soon.


This team of mod developers have brought some of the world of Pokémon to Minecraft, introducing various blocks, NPCs, and even battles to your world. We have extended our help by providing a CDN for downloads via NodeCDN.


MCEdit has become the de facto editor for Minecraft worlds by providing an easy to use interface allowing one to make large edits from outsite of the game. We've helped their team reduce costs associated with providing downloads by utilising NodeCDN.

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Official Nodecraft Community Projects:
Bytesize spotlight


NodeCDN is an an ad free, worldwide, geo-distributed, content delivery network built for game modifications, provided at no cost whatsoever to anyone that wishes to use it.

MCUUID spotlight


MCUUID is a small project designed to make finding UUIDs easier. This helps when converting player.dat files on a Minecraft server, especially for server owners.



Discord is the next generation of voice and text communication. Join our staff, partners and many users in the community with our public Discord server! We can't wait to see you there!

Minepack spotlight


We created Minepack for the community as we felt that uploading a resource pack was far too difficult for the average server owner. By leveraging our CDN we've provided a simple solution.

MCVersions spotlight


MCVersions is a small project designed to make obtaining versions of Minecraft easy and simple. It's become the #1 source for official Minecraft server jars.

Subreddit spotlight


Our subreddit is available to all who wish to use it to communicate. We'll be happy to answer any questions about our service, or even join you on your servers from time to time.

Open Source spotlight

Open Source Projects

We believe in open sourcing many of our projects via GitHub to aid future development within the community. You will find various Node.js and other projects here.

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