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Nodecraft Partnership Program

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How does it work?

  • 🎮️ Create community game servers
  • ✨ Exclusive branding
  • 🎫 Entry to private Nodecraft events
  • 💰️ Monetization options

Frequently asked questions

What do I receive as a Nodecraft partner?
It depends on what you need! The most common thing that we can provide is free game servers, and a large network of partners you can work with in our Discord. You'll receive a custom role and access to private text and voice channels where you can engage with everyone. We'll also frequently share sneak-peaks of upcoming releases and updates!
What are the requirements to become a Nodecraft Partner?
While numbers are only a small piece we consider when partnering with content creators, we do look for established and growing creators. For streamers, we're typically looking for 25+ average concurrent viewers. For YouTubers, we're looking for 15,000+ subscribers, and 150,000+ video views. And for mod/modpack developers, we're looking for consistently updated content, and 100,000+ downloads.
What are the options for Monetization?
We offer affiliate agreements, in exchange for advertisement. Don't want to make money and just want free servers? You can do that too!
What if I don't meet those requirements yet?
Don't stress it! We work with a large variety of influencers across platforms including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. We’d love to hear about your content to see if we’d be a good fit!
What is the process to become a Nodecraft Partner?
Simply complete the application form as linked below, and we'll reach out to you to discuss further.
What are the expectations for partners?
Keep doing what you do best. We'll ask for some small advertisements such as in the form of panel images or description links. We're very flexible - come talk to us!

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What I love about Nodecraft is that it makes running a server so easy. The panel is very intuitive, with some very useful features. That and the amazing Customer Support makes Nodecraft #1 for me.
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