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NodeCraft Turns Five

posted in Company Updates by Nodecraft Staff on May 23rd, 2017

23 May, 2017

This Sunday marks the 5th year of operating NodeCraft. To celebrate it, we’ve written a brief summary of our perspective in building a bootstrap startup... Starting up When we originally founded NodeCraft we started as 3 partners with less than $600.00 of cash to kick-start the entire company. James Ross, an experienced community manager...Read more

NodePanel 2 Update 0.2.0

posted in Development by Nodecraft Staff on May 19th, 2017

19 May, 2017

There have been a ton of awesome gamers who have been providing feedback for NodePanel 2 in the NodeCraft Discord server. Thanks to these beta testers we've been able to dedicate the last month towards stabilizing NodePanel 2. Nearly all of these changes have been live in beta as we've adopted a much faster development...Read more

NodePanel 2 Update 0.1.0

posted in Development by Nodecraft Staff on Apr 19th, 2017

19 Apr, 2017

NodePanel now supports 9 different games! We've been patching bugs, improving performance, and adding games for the last few weeks, and NodePanel 2 has now hit a 0.1.0 release. We've onboarded a lot of new beta users over the last week, and are getting a lot of fantastic feedback as well as server load tests...Read more

NodePanel 2 Update 0.0.6

posted in Development by Nodecraft Staff on Apr 5th, 2017

5 Apr, 2017

It's been another couple busy weeks for our development team. We've focused on features, bugs, and game releases over onboarding more users. This update has a lot of performance and fine tuning changes to it which really helps overall usability. If you're still waiting on an invite, please know we'll get back to you very...Read more

Visit our booth at SUPER! BitCon 2017!

posted in Company Updates by Nodecraft Staff on Mar 27th, 2017

27 Mar, 2017

We're excited to once again be an exhibitor at Super Bitcon 2017! You'll be able to hang out with some of the NodeCraft Staff, get some free loot, and even try out NodePanel 2! SUPER! Bitcon is a two day gaming event taking place between April 29th-30th in Oklahoma City. With arcade games, modern...Read more