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Partner Showcase: SilentWisperer

This month we are giving a spotlight to our partner: Silentwisperer! Master of redstone and connoisseur of Bedrock Minecraft. Silent has been creating Minecraft content for the past 6 years, they are a Twitch partner and upload daily Minecraft videos to Youtube. We got a chance to ask them about their journey, what they enjoy about making Minecraft content. Here are some highlights from our conversation:
Silentwisperer logo of minecraft pigman
Q:  What are you most excited about the Minecraft 1.20+ update? Anything that you might be looking forward to for Minecraft 1.20?

A: Mojang had a lot of surprises in store for 1.20! They purposely didn’t announce all the features at Minecon so there would be more mystery around the update and it payed off! The newest “Armor trim” feature and cherry blossom biome are fan favorites that no one expected, Hopefully 1.21 is also secretive so we get more major surprises! Personally I would like to see an End Update. There hasn’t been anything done to The End in like 6 years and it's in desperate need of attention. It’s also the last dimension to get a major overhaul, with 1.16 updating The Nether, and 1.18 updating The Overworld. There’s so much potential for new mobs, biomes, blocks and an overhaul to the end game boss fight!🐉

Q:  Where did your gamertag come from?

A: I kinda made up my name on the fly a few years ago when I got my first console, an Xbox 360. All the other names I tried were taken, including silentwhisperer with an “H” so for the last 6+ years my name has just been misspelled 😂 Too late to change it now! 

Q:  What's your go-to game when you're streaming?

A: Always Minecraft! There’s just so much to do! I’ve rarely streamed a few other things, but Minecraft is the best and what myself and our community enjoys the most:)

Q:  How long have you been creating content?

A: I started my channel in May of 2016 and I’ve been constantly making Minecraft videos for the last 6 years! I’ve made videos on every platform of Minecraft, originally starting on Legacy console edition then moving to Java, and then Bedrock Edition. Bedrock is now my main platform!

Q:  What's your most played game, and how many hours do you have logged?

A: Minecraft & Minecraft Bedrock Edition is pretty much all I’ve played for the last 6-7 years, so I have.. A lotta hours.. 7800+ just for Bedrock Edition on PC! Not to mention all the other versions of Minecraft I’ve played. Probably like 12k+ hours total😅

Q:  What do you enjoy outside of gaming?

A: I’m a full time creator so most of my focus is on that and our community, but otherwise I’m hanging out with friends, exploring nature, and probably eating cheese :3

Q: What made you decide to use the player skin that you use? 

A: Originally I didn’t have a great idea for a skin and used multiple different ones, but thanks to a suggestion from my friend ZloyXP I now fully embrace the pigman! It might be kinda ugly but it's also super cute in its own way. I also have a few dozen versions of Pigmen to choose from, thanks to community artists making me new versions!!

Q:  Are there any creators that have inspired you along your content journey?

A: My good friends on Truly Bedrock SMP are always an inspiration! The amazing builds, creativity and storytelling from ZloyXp and FoxyNoTail always drive our server forward to try new things and expand our horizons with different ideas. Those two are basically idea factories set to 11 😂

Q:  What caused you to want to create?

A: After I had been playing Minecraft for about a year I started watching a lot of Minecraft Youtube and really enjoying what others were creating. I thought it looked fun and wanted to try my hand at it! I was terrible, like everyone who's just starting out. Since then I’ve improved by about 10% and we’ve had so many fun times as a community:)

Q:  Do you get nervous when you go live?

A: Almost always 😅 Creating and putting yourself out there is kind of nerve-racking, you never know who might be watching and it's really easy to embarrass yourself! Creating is super fun though and it's awesome to meet so many nice people from around the world!

Q:  What is your most memorable gaming experience?

A: Some of the most memorable things have been events with all of our community members! Whether it be attacking an ancient city with 100+ warden spawners, trying to create the ugliest build possible, or playing gartic phone. Hanging out with everyone is always a blast and there’s sure to be many laughs!

Make sure to check out Silents daily videos on youtube, and their streams on twitch!

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