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Nodecraft's Billing Experience is Getting an Upgrade!

So, what's the big deal about a billing system upgrade, anyway? First and foremost, prices and policies are not changing, don't worry-- but without those sort of surprises, what does this really mean, and why is it exciting as heck? Let's get into it!

👀 UI improvements: Accessibility-focused, mobile-first, and HD friendly design

The layout is displayed across a high def monitor, laptop, and phone format.Gaming is for everyone. The new Nodecraft billing experience brings accessibility to the forefront, with responsive design to keep your server management easy, regardless of how you access it. Our new custom UI is even more screen reader friendly than before, in addition to vast improvements to the mobile experience with a mobile-first format, and ultrawide setups for our most high-definition of users. If you rely on screen readers, are managing on the go, or have a huge 4k monitor at home, your server control, invoice management, and setup has never been easier.

💰 Pay how you want: New payment options

New payment types!  Display on a phone, showing Google Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Nodecraft has made checkout even easier with one-step payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay. These new payment options will be automatically available depending on what device you are using. Once you pay via either of these digital wallets your payment method will be saved for future payments as well.

If you're paying via Paypal, you'll also notice a measured improvement with the new Paypal checkout experience. Payments are processed faster and easier than ever before!

While not available on launch, the Nodecraft Dev team is working to add more European payment and bank payment options soon. Nodecraft is focused on giving server owners choice and control over their game servers and how they pay. By using modern payment solutions, server owners can rest assured that their payment information is safe and fully in their control.

⚡ Instant setup & subscription management

The new upgrade interface is instant and easy to use!

The new billing system is built with real-time tech to ensure your changes happen as fast as your payment was processed. When bank payments take extra time you’ll get real-time updates until the payment is completed.

Server owners no longer have to wait 5-20 minutes for game server purchases or plan upgrades to occur. Combined with Nodepanel's easy setup, you can have a game server purchased and online in under 60 seconds.

An additional bonus to this system is that this means that we'll be able to offer discounts to users if they upgrade, rather than it just being for new customers.

🎊 The new billing update will be live October 17th!

These changes are just the tip of the iceberg, so we invite you to explore the changes once they go live on Monday, October 17th. 🎉 Even more exciting changes are coming down the track this year, as we prepare for the launch of Nodepanel v3. Stay tuned here to learn more about upcoming features as we prepare for rollout!

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