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NodePanel 2 Update 0.7.0

posted in Development by Nodecraft Staff on Jul 14th, 2017

14 Jul, 2017

We've added one of the most requested features with NodePanel 2 today: sub-user permissions! This new permission system completely overhauls NodePanel to provide very fine-grain access control. For now, we've restricted most of its features to match that of NodePanel 1. More advanced users will soon be able to define JSON-based permission nodes to any...Read more

NodePanel 2 Update 0.6.0

posted in Development by Nodecraft Staff on Jul 7th, 2017

7 Jul, 2017

This week we've been focused on improving the usability of several critical features of NodePanel 2, including our one click installer, and instance archive/deploy operations. [ADD] Player lists (whitelist, OPs, etc) can now be sorted by player name - suggested by Jandoncom in our Discord Feedback channel [ADD] Console now makes links clickable and...Read more

NodePanel 2 Update 0.5.0

posted in Development by Nodecraft Staff on Jun 28th, 2017

28 Jun, 2017

Today's update is a pretty small, as it's the end of this monthly sprint of updates. With this update, we're launching Garry's Mod in NodePanel 2! It's currently in an early access state, but we plan on expanding its functionality in the near future to allow the installation of things like Counter Strike, TF2, and...Read more

NodePanel 2 Update 0.4.0

posted in Development by Nodecraft Staff on Jun 22nd, 2017

22 Jun, 2017

Today's update for of NodePanel 2 adds Rust to our growing list of games! As always this update includes a few patches and fixes which help us get closer to launching NodePanel v2! [GAME] Rust [ADD] One click installer for Factorio, so to easily switch versions [ADD] SteamCMD beta options, especially...Read more

NodePanel 2 Update 0.3.0

posted in Development by Nodecraft Staff on Jun 16th, 2017

16 Jun, 2017

For the last month, we've been working on ironing out all of the last few remaining issues with NodePanel 2, and reviewing our new billing engine. This includes improving our order and checkout process, and many frequently requested features. We're getting very close to launching NodePanel 2, and can't wait to share further details about...Read more