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Partner Showcase: The Last Seahorse

Partner Spotlight Badge for The Last Seahorse

Summer is almost here, and it's time for our next Partner Showcase! Today, we're spotlighting The Last Seahorse: Streamer, vtuber, DJ extraordinaire, and lover of all things retro gaming. We're trying an exciting new audio format with their interview, so check it out to below to learn all about their experience working with charities, inspiration in getting started in vtubing, being true to yourself in the world of streaming, and more!

With special guest: Beaver's birds, who had much to contribute to the conversation, and we love them for it.

If you want to learn more about The Last Seahorse, be sure to check out their channels and social media here!

  • @TheLastSeahorse [Twitch],

  • @TheLastSeahorse [X],

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