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๐ŸŽ‚ Nodecraft is turning 12! ๐ŸŽ‰ LET'S PARTY WITH THE CREW!

We're turning 12, and this last year may be the biggest one in our whole history!!

Our partnership program is growing and exploring exciting new ways to bring the partners together, and to highlight some of the amazing folks who partner with us-- Including a feature interview in a brand new format launching tomorrow.

And of course, we just launched Nodecraft Studio, our brand new platform to help devs implement multiplayer options within their games, and unlock a revenue stream that has never been open to them before. Weโ€™ve been cooking this one for years, so itโ€™s amazing to finally see it go live!

But for this celebration, we really wanted to focus on the many amazing additions to the Nodecraft team we've made since our last anniversary post, and learn a little more about everyone!

Ashley chibi, in a red shirt and black shortsAsh, Director of Product

  • Favorite games?
    Baldurs Gate 3, Subnautica, Outerwilds

  • Favorite hobbies?
    Games, TV, Livestreaming

  • Got any pets or a fun fact about yourself?
    2 dogs we rescued while living in Germany. Laika is a Podenco from Spain and Tobi is a German Shepherd/Basset hound mix from Croatia.

    Ash's dog Laika, light brown and white and in a cute green bandana.Ash's other dog, brown and black with very sweet eyes, leaning on her shoulder.

Beaver chibi in black with a burgundy tie, and bird on his hand.Beaver, Partnership Manager

  • Favorite games?
    Currently - V-Rising, Diablo IV, Hadesโ€ฆ Over 1k hours World of Warcraft, SMITE, Destiny 2. You can aways find me in my home arcade otherwise.

  • Favorite hobbies?
    Audio/Video Production, games, home arcarde!

  • Got any pets or a fun fact about yourself?
    So many pets! 2 conures, parakeet, and a macaw. Doggo and 2 cats. Bunch of fish and shrimps. Also, now a leopard gecko.

    A group shot of some very pretty birds, two green and one blue.A green maccaw squints enigmatically.

Cameron chibi in a cool hoodie and shorts.Cameron, Support Tier 2 Tech

  • Favorite games?
    Currently, I have been playing World of Warcraft Retail and SoD, Islands of Insight, Minecraft, and some Apex Legends here and there. Most of my favorite games fall either under FPS or MMO but love a bit of everything.

  • Favorite hobbies?
    Other than gaming most of the time, I am either bingeing movies/shows or doing a bit of programming. As of recently I have been doing a bit of 3D printing and looking into making my own game!

  • Got any pets or a fun fact about yourself?
    I have a cat named Tilly and she can be the sweetest or meanest but she is very cute so it's worth it!
    TILLY!  The very fluffy calico cat lays on her side and shows all the toebeans.

Jamie chibi, in a dark tshirt and selvedge jeans.Jamie, Software Engineer

  • Favorite games?
    Lately Iโ€™ve been enjoying going back to some old classic Nintendo titles like Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda - Linkโ€™s Awakening.

  • Favorite hobbies?
    I love cooking and woodworking! I also enjoy playing around on the piano and guitar.

  • Got any pets or a fun fact about yourself?
    This is a fun one! We have two dogs - both Bluetick Coonhounds. How we got them is the fun part. We took an obviously pregnant dog in a few years ago. She had been checked out by a vet, was super sweet, and we fell in love right away. I remember saying - โ€œwhatโ€™s the worst that could happen - she has 6 puppies and we have to find homes for them?โ€ Not a week later she gave birth to 14 puppies (fourteen!!!) in our garage in a welping box I made. We ending up finding amazing homes for 13 puppies, and thatโ€™s how we now have two! (by the way I donโ€™t recommend taking in a pregnant dog - it was an incredible amount of work to keep our small space clean)
    One dog sniffs another dogs face, both looking very majestic.

Landon chibi, in terraria armorLandon, Support Tier 1 Tech

  • Favorite games?
    Kinda donโ€™t play really anything outside of Minecraft most of the time but thatโ€™s usually only for developing stuff anyways. Although I have recently gotten back into Rock Band/Guitar Hero/Clone Hero etc

  • Favorite hobbies?
    Playing drums or guitar occasionally. Currently getting into Minecraft terrain generation with another developer for a big project later this year as well.

  • Got any pets or a fun fact about yourself?
    Yep got Nick Nack which is a Goldendoodle

    A golden doodle in a cool blue harness and dapper tie sits straight!

Matt chibi, in a teal shirt and dark shorts.Matt, Software Engineer

  • Favorite games?
    Frankly anything sandbox is going to be my go-to. I really enjoy those kinds of games. Otherwise, you can almost always find me doing something Minecraft related.

  • Favorite hobbies?
    Currently Iโ€™ve gotten myself into 3D printing and re-learning the intricacies of that.

  • Got any pets or a fun fact about yourself?
    Iโ€™ve got a total of 4 pets. 2 cats (Gilbert and Louis), a dog (Josie), and a bearded dragon named Hagrid.
    Two cats relax, one in a window and one on a cushion.
    a dog flops upside down in a comfy chair, and a bearded dragon makes direct eye contact.

Welcome to the team, everyone!!
We're looking forward to an exciting year 12 with all of our crew and customers. Appreciate you all, and here's to many more.

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