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Nodecraft Studio SDK is Live!

Today, we are excited to launch the next iteration of Nodecraft Studio: the Unreal Engine SDK. This takes all of the features of the API we launched last month and wraps them up into an easy-to-implement, User-Friendly In-Game Interface focused on connecting gamers and communities.

Screenshot showing the community multiplayer page of Nodecraft Studio, with many community server thumbnails.
We have a series of SDKs that will be dropping over the coming months, with our very first being today's release of the Unreal SDK. SDK options provide a quick and easy, low-code way to work with all of Nodecraft Studio's features for games utilizing Unreal Engine.

More SDKs are in the queue, including Unity and Godot.

Learn More About Nodecraft Studio

If you missed it, Nodecraft Studio is built to empower game studios to integrate player-created server creation and discovery into their games; this extends the lifecycle of the game and provides additional revenue to studios in place of traditional cloud bills. You can find out more on our website or by reviewing the developer documentation.

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