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Introducing Nodecraft Studio

Alright, here we go. We finally get to say it: The entire Nodecraft team is incredibly excited to unveil a new and first-of-its-kind product we've been building for years.

It's always been our mission at Nodecraft to radically change the landscape of multiplayer games with player-owned game servers, and this product is the first of several major releases to do exactly that. Introducing Nodecraft Studio, a Game Developer tool to add in-game server creation, server discoverability, and social features that should be the new standard in any multiplayer game launch.

Screenshot of Nodecraft Studio

In-Game Server Creation & Discovery

Nodecraft is innovating how player-owned servers are treated from top to bottom, by bringing the focus for creating and discovering great servers to the in-game experience. No longer will players be forced to know a server's dedicated IP address or have to hunt down an obscure server name in a list of thousands. Nodecraft Studio is built on top of social platforms like Steam, Xbox, and others to simply show your friends in a cross-platform invite system that makes getting in-game to play as simple as it is for AAA games.

Learn More at the Nodecraft Studio Launch

We've launched Nodecraft Studio on it's own website as it doesn't interfere with the player-created servers you create at, today. Check it out now and learn what makes Nodecraft Studio so exciting!

Learn More about Nodecraft Studio

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