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NodePanel 2 Update 0.0.5

posted in Development by Nodecraft Staff on Mar 16th, 2017

16 Mar, 2017

We're finally in a position to start issuing weekly updates to the NodePanel 2 beta. We've heavily invested in a automation platform which allows us to rapidly create prototypes and deploy them into production. This is the first of many updates, which will start including new games supported on the NodePanel 2 beta. We now...Read more

Join the NodePanel Beta

posted in Service Updates by Nodecraft Staff on Mar 10th, 2017

10 Mar, 2017

On March 1st, 2017 we live-streamed the beta launch of NodePanel 2. After letting in a few of our local guests, partners, and stream viewers, we've performed enough testing to start opening the beta to more users! If you missed our livestream on Twitch, you can watch the VOD on YouTube: Join the...Read more

We've launched service in Singapore!

posted in Company Updates by Nodecraft Staff on Feb 21st, 2017

21 Feb, 2017

We're proud to launch services in our first Asia Pacific location at Paya Lebar, Singapore! This new location will serve so many new and existing users with a much more usable latency between players and the server. Additionally, we're deploying brand new hardware here, with the new Skylake E3-1230v5 (4x3.4GHz) and 32GB DDR4 ECC RAM....Read more

Join us at the NodePanel 2 launch party!

posted in Company Updates by Nodecraft Staff on Feb 2nd, 2017

2 Feb, 2017

As we announced on January 1st, NodePanel 2 is scheduled for its initial beta release on March 1st. NodePanel 2 has been in development for a long time and we are very excited to finally share it with the public. To celebrate the day, we are hosting an event at our offices in Oklahoma City,...Read more

2016 - A year in review

posted in Company Updates by Nodecraft Staff on Jan 6th, 2017

6 Jan, 2017

It's taken us the better part of a week to prepare, but we finally have our 2016 end of year report ready. We had a lot of exciting changes in 2016, but overall it was a very packed year for us. Between moving our office, over caffeinating our development team, and making a few team-member...Read more