30 Oct, 2015

Why Oklahoma City startups NEED Google Fiber for growth

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Back in May of this year (2015), we moved into our first physical office in Oklahoma City (OKC). This was a huge first step for us as a bootstrap startup as we’ve never received funding which wasn’t the result of our own income generated. We were excited to finally have a dedicated space of our for the […]

18 Oct, 2015

Come Visit Us at Thunder Plains!

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Our lead developer here at NodeCraft will be speaking at a developer conference in Oklahoma City on November 3rd, 2015. Come learn, share, and network with some of the great developers from Microsoft, Digital Ocean, and dozens of other great organizations. Jonathan’s talk is named “Using Node.js to Build your Transport Layer”, which is directly inspired by […]

6 Oct, 2015

New Sale & School-Time Support Hours

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Today we’ve launched our new Halloween sale providing you with 50% off your first month of service. Simply use coupon code SPOOKYSALE2015 at checkout to redeem it! As always, if you’ve purchased within the last week and didn’t use a promo, simply open a ticket to get credit for the discount! School-Time Support Hours We’ve always […]

18 Jun, 2015

We’ve upgraded our hardware!

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Nearly a month ago we announced a few exciting changes for our customers in celebration of our 3rd year anniversary. Today, we’ve completed the server disk upgrades which were announced. Effective immediately, all customers, new and existing, will have increased SSD storage and backup space at no additional cost. It took us weeks of preparation to […]

10 Jun, 2015

Visit our booth at Minecon 2015, with the ATLauncher

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We’ve been invited to exhibit a booth at this year’s Minecon and we’ve accepted! Our flights are booked, hotels reserved, and we’re even bringing a special guest with us. We’re flying RyanTheAllmighty from the ATLauncher, one of our community partners, along with us to create a dual booth. We’ll have separate tables for those that […]