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What's this? A newer, cleaner site redesign? 😮

What's better than the same great game hosting you've always enjoyed? 👾 How about the same great hosting with a bunch of requested changes implemented, a sleeker look, and a smooth interface to make it easier than ever to manage your server. And heck, it's pretty, too. 😊 If you've been enjoying our Nodecraft Powered app on Overwolf, you're already familiar with some aspects of the new look. But what else is new? Here's a few of the highlights we're most excited to share.

🌘 Introducing Darkest Mode

The new darker layout displayed, with deep greys offset by a vivid color highlights.

Last time we refreshed the Nodecraft website, we went dark mode. Now, we've taken it a step further with our new color scheme exploring deeper hues and improved contrast, for what we’re calling the Darkest Mode.

The art team at Nodecraft had over 16,777,216 colors to choose from, and we’ve picked an entirely new color scheme that brings the modern gamer to front of mind. The result? A darker dark mode at Nodecraft, but we're not stopping there. What’s next: Light mode for our friends who rely on brighter UIs for eye comfort.

👾 Finding Games is EZPZ

New games page, with an easier-to-read games interface.

We’ve redesigned the Nodecraft games page to better match a gamer’s library, and added categories to make it easier to browse for other games you can host, that you might enjoy.

Years ago when Nodecraft launched Nodepanel v2, we went from 1 to 9 games. Our design language was not meant for the 30+ games we support today, and when it comes to the ridiculous number of games we’ll be adding in our upcoming Nodepanel 3 launch? Well, it'd be a hot mess. But this new design system is up for the challenge, and great for finding games by platform, genre, and so much more.

💬 Browse the refreshed Support Center

The new, better organized support center with easy to find articles.

The new Nodecraft Support Center is built to make getting help and finding helpful articles as fast as possible!

Nodecraft has grown over the last few years... and kept on growing. Just like the games page, the existing Support Center design wasn’t built for the hundreds of knowledgebase articles we now host, covering everything from game server management, to mod installation, to even fixing core dedicated servers. Over time, this bloat made navigation difficult and clunky. The new design is far more intuitive to use, and has an instant search to find the right article to help. And of course, as always, our fantastic support team is available via Live Chat!

🎊 The New Site is Live Now!

These changes are just the tip of the iceberg, so we invite you to explore the changes that are live on the site, as of dropday Tuesday April 5. 🎉 We're thrilled for this massive interface upgrade, and never want to stop improving the experience for our users. Even more exciting changes are coming down the track this year, as we prepare for the launch of Nodepanel v3. Stay tuned here to learn more about upcoming features as we prepare for rollout!

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