30 May, 2015

We’ve launched service in the United Kingdom

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We’ve happy to announce that we’ve launched service in yet another country to help improve latency for our customers. Our new location provides fast connectivity in the United Kingdom and neighboring countries of western Europe. Maidenhead, United Kingdom One of our most requested locations is finally available and will provide single and low double digit […]

27 May, 2015

We’ve launched service in Chicago

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Our commitment to better latency, better hardware, and a better gaming experience has never been stronger. On the heels of the disk space upgrades, we’re also launching service in a new datacenter today! Chicago, Illinois – Northeast United States This location will better serve the mid-west and north-east of the US and some of Canada […]

21 May, 2015

3 Years in Review

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On May 21st, 2012, we launched NodeCraft. Today, we are celebrating 3 great years of business with a few announcements for our customers! We have been hard at work, building a mobile app for NodePanel. Today it’s launched on the Google Play store and pending approval via Apple’s App Store. We are increasing disk space […]

30 Apr, 2015

We’ve launched service in Atlanta!

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We’ve been hard at work to bring many new exciting features to our customers, but one of most challenging parts of this is expanding our network. We have a lot of strict requirements for a location before we consider deploying our services to a new data-center, and this helps us ensure our customer’s experience is the […]

20 Apr, 2015

Building better Node.JS apps with RethinkDB

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We’ve been using RethinkDB in production for almost a year. RethinkDB is an open-source database designed to make it dramatically easier to build and scale real-time apps. Last week, the 2.0 release of RethinkDB landed and it was given a shiny “Production Ready” badge. After five years of development, RethinkDB is ready for general adoption! When we often speak to other Javascript developers […]