24 Jun, 2016 06/24/16 Outage Postmortem

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As of 2:35am CST on 06/24/2016, there was an outage with both, its API’s and several automated systems which we rely on for critical system stability. The primary cause of this outage has been identified as a runtime crash in our database engine, and as a result of the outage, our API and automated systems […]

21 May, 2016

It’s our birthday!

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Four score years and many blog posts ago, we launched NodeCraft, and today we get to celebrate our 4th year of operation. What have we done with ourselves? It’s important to talk about what we’ve accomplished in the last four years not just as a company, but what we’ve accomplished in the name of gaming for our customers. […]

2 May, 2016

MySQL Database Migration – May 16th, 2016

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On Monday the 16th of May, 2016, we will be performing a MySQL database migration, transitioning to newer hardware, and a more solid network, as previously discussed at the end of 2015. Any customers utilizing our free MySQL databases in US-West, US-East, US-Northeast, and EU-NL will be affected . Please check the schedule below to see […]

18 Mar, 2016 03/18/16 Outage Postmortem

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As some of our customers may have been aware, there was an outage this morning with our website between 5:09am – 9:16am. During this time our website, and subsequently NodePanel, suffered outages. Customer servers continued to operate, but control of servers via NodePanel was mostly inaccessible. Outage Details We are currently in the process of switching […]

12 Mar, 2016

Visit our booth at Super BitCon 2016!

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We are very excited to announce that we will be at a local gaming convention in our home town of Oklahoma City: Super BitCon 2016. Not only can you meet some of the development team here at NodeCraft, but you can get free buttons, stickers, and purchase official NodeCraft t-shirts! We’re also teaming up with RS […]