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Service Updates

Game servers available now in Toronto, Canada!

🍁 You can now host Minecraft and all your other games from Toronto!

Gamers in Canada and the Northeast US will be able to select a service location closer to home than ever before, now that we are hosting from our favorite northern neighbor's place. 🏘️ That means better latency, more responsive servers, and unfortunately even less lag to blame for your wipe on Bonemass. 😬 Whether you're exploring Valheim, or showing your friends your wild redstone circuit board in Minecraft, we're here to provide you with that essential smooth gameplay and reliable performance.

See all games now!

🧭 Not sure how to set your location? We got you.

For those who already have a server live, all you need to do is archive your instance, edit while archived to change the location, turn it back on, and that's that. 😄 You're playing from Toronto. Snag us a honey cruller, we'll meet you at Timmy's.

For new worlds, all you have to do is select Toronto when creating an instance. And speaking of, now is a great time to do it, if you grab our Summer Pass!🏝️ There are some great summer updates in Conan Exiles and ARK to explore, and it's always more fun to dive into new content with your friends.

Create your own server with the summer pass!

🌳 Your Toronto game server is ready to go!

Servers in Toronto are live, tested, and [ready for you to launch! ](( Your new game world can be up and ready to play with your friends and family in minutes.

Want to see better coverage in your area? Our server fleet is actively growing to new locations around the world! Let us know where we should launch next!

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