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Minecraft: The Nature Build Contest is over! Congrats to our winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our latest build contest! We were floored by the creativity in these entries-- it's never before been so hard to pick winners. Our contest team opened up the vote company-wide this time, and we're happy to announce our winners!

Third Place: $20 Steam Gift Card

We loved these enormous, detailed flowers so much. The use of different kinds of materials to get really out-of-the-box colors and textures into the build was so creative! A floating minecraft build of giant flowers, a turned over flower pot, and a lawn gnome.

Second Place: $30 Steam Gift Card

The combination of the aesthetics of the flowers and the functionality of it being a usable base with all that interior space was really impressive here!
A minecraft build of a group of huge multicolored tulips. The interior of each flower is its own room, making a house.

First Place: $50 Steam Gift Card

This one really had some atmosphere to it that the staff loved, with the feel of nature reclaiming a build. Kudos for the creative use of mods to enhance the mood with the fairy lights, firefly jars and expanded variety of plants! An overgrown house build with many kinds of flowers, fairy lights, and hanging firefly jars.

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