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Service Updates

Launching service based in Seattle, WA!

You can now host your games from Seattle! 🌲

Hello, Pacific Northwest gamers! With our new service out of Seattle, you'll be able to get that good, good low latency to support your gameplay throughout the region. You can expect faster, more responsive service to keep every raid smooth, and every chunk loaded. With a growing library of games, you can grab your friends to explore Minecraft, Ark, Valheim, or one of our nearly 30 other favorites in your very own server, with smoother gameplay than ever before.

Deploy your server in Seattle, WA today!

Service is already live and ready to go! For those who already have a world, just archive your instance, edit while archived to change the location, turn it back on, and bam. You're playing from Seattle. We can almost smell the rain.

For new worlds, it's even easier-- all you have to do is select Seattle when creating an instance. Now's a great time to do it, thanks to our Summer Pass!🏝️ You can be online and in game in minutes with your own server, playing your favorites all summer long with your friends.

Want to see better coverage in your area? Our server fleet is actively growing to new locations around the world! Let us know where we should launch next!

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