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Uploading your Single Player World to Your Private Dedicated Terraria Server

This guide will show you how to take the files from your single player Terraria game and set them up on a Nodecraft mutiplayer Terraria server. Once installed, all of your buildings, exploration, and overall progress in the world will be available for you and your friends to join and continue.

Locate your Single Player World Files

First we have to locate where your worlds are being saved on your computer. Depending on your Operating System your Worlds will be located:

  • Windows: \<home folder>/Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds

  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Terraria/Worlds

  • Linux: ~/.local/share/Terraria/Worlds

You should have two files that look similar to this: List of local Terraria worlds We recommend that you "zip" up both the .wld file and the .wld.bak file using a zip utility before uploading them.

Next we need to locate the worlds folder on the server.

Find the Worlds Folder on the Server

The worlds folder will be located in the main directory of the server. On the NodePanel this will be on the File Manager tab.

If you haven't started the server yet, you will either need to start the server once to create this folder or you can create the folder manually and call it "worlds".

Worlds folder

Upload your Single Player World Files to the Worlds Folder

Open the worlds folder and upload the zip file. You can either use the drag-and-drop feature in the File Manager of the Nodecraft control panel, or you can use an FTP program to move the files to the server.

Once the zip file is on the server select the file and unzip it.

Unzip worlds

The worlds folder will now contain your .wld file and your .wld.bak file.

Select your World

Now that your world files are on the server the server need to select the newly uploaded world and load it.

To do this select Game Settings on the Nodepanel and open the Worlds tab. Select your world.

Select world

Once your world has been selected simply starting up the server will load your single player world. Have fun playing!

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