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Admin Commands for V Rising Servers

These commands can be entered in the console available in game once you join the server. When entering these commands, the console will also suggest arguments for the commands such as player names, mode selections, world chunks, etc. Press TABΒ to autocomplete these suggestions.

Command Name Description
List Lists all existing commands and categories.
listusers List users that are active on the server.
adminauth Authenticate to gain administrator purposes.
admindeauth Relinquish your administrator purpose, if you have any.
banuser Bans the user with the specified steam ID from the server.
bancharacter Bans the user with the specified character name from the server.
banned Lists all banned users.
unban Unbans a player from the server. You need to run the banned command first to get the list of banned users.
kick Kicks a player from the server.
addtime Adds up to 12 in-game hours to leap in time, affecting the current in-game hour and the respawn timers of units and objects. Use this command in quick succession to add more time. Please note that a server can never go back in time.
adminonlydebugevents Set if Debug Events are limited only to Admins.
changedurability Modifies the durability of equipped items. Note that it cannot be used to repair broken items that are not equipped.
changehealthofclosesttomouse Modifies the health of the target unit/object closest to the admin's cursor, allowing admins to deal damage or heal targets.
DebugViewEnabled Enable or disable the debug view.
GatherAllAllies Teleports all allies to mouse cursor position.
GatherAllAlliesExceptMe Teleports all allies, except you, to mouse cursor position.
GatherAllNonAllies Teleports all non allies to mouse cursor position.
GatherAllPlayers Teleports all players to mouse cursor position.
GatherAllPlayersExceptMe Teleports all players, except you, to mouse cursor position.
give Generate a certain number of items that you then give to yourself.
giveset Generate a set of items to give to yourself.
performanceTestChunks Tests performance for all or selected chunks.
setadminlevel Set or change the admin level of a user.
PlayerTeleport Teleport player to mouse cursor position.
teleport Teleport something to a somewhere.
TeleportPlayerToMe Teleport a Player to your location.
TeleportPlayerToMousePostion Teleport a Player to current mouse cursor position.
TeleportToChunk Teleport Player to chunk coordinate.
TeleportToChunkWaypoint Teleport to Chunk Waypoint
TeleportToNether Teleport to Nether, the starting tutorial zone.
TeleportToPlayer Teleport to Player location.
ToggleDebugViewCategory Toggle specific debug view modes.
toggleobserve Toggle being an observer! Which mode to use? 0 - Turn Off, 1 - Completely Invisible, 2 - Ghost Mode
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