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How to Quickly Find and Join your Factorio Server

This article will show you how you can easily find and join your Factorio server hosted with us here at Nodecraft.

To get started, input your Factorio login credentials or API Key in the "Game Settings" section, under the "Auth Token" tab of your Panel. We have a guide about how to find your login credentials or key here: Factorio API Key Guide.

After providing your credentials, make sure your server is turned on using the Start button in the upper left hand side of your Panel. Nodecraft's Control Panel showing the Start button to turn the server on

Method 1: Direct Connect

On your Nodecraft Control Panel, locate either the Hostname at the top of the page or the Dedicated IP Address at the bottom of the Overview page. Nodecraft's Control Panel showing the Overview tab to find your hostname or dedicated IP address

In your Factorio Client, select "Multiplayer", and then "Connect to address". Enter in your Hostname or IP address and click the "Connect" button. Factorio's main menu showing you the Multiplayer button Factorio's multiplayer menu showing you the Connect to address button

Method 2: Server Listings

You can also join your server through the in-game Server Listings, though it does require a little bit of initial setup.

Server settings

On your "Game Settings" page on the left hand side of your Panel, in the Basic Settings (this will be the default tab), give your server a name in the "Server Name" text field. You can also give your server a Description as well as a password if you wish. Remember to press the Save button. Make sure to Restart your server to have these changes apply. Nodecraft's Control Panel showing you how to give your server a name in the server listings in the Game Settings tab

Server listing

Now it'll be really easy to find your server in the "Multiplayer - Browse public games" section of the Factorio client! Factorio's Multiplayer menu showing you where the Browse public games button Factorio's in-game server listings, showing Nodecraft's Test server.

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