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How to Join Your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Server

This article will teach you on how to join your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server!

First, you're going to want to find your server's IP address or the hostname. Either will work perfectly fine, it's usually a matter of personal preference on which you'll use.

The IP address can be found near the bottom of the "Overview" page on your Nodecraft control panel.

Nodecraft's Panel showing the IP address

The hostname can be found at the top of the Instance page under the title of your Instance. In the example below, it is in the blue text

Nodecraft's Panel showing the hostname

You'll want to make sure your server is turned on by pressing the green "Start" button on your Nodecraft control panel.

Next, open up your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition game, press the "Play" button, and then click on the "Servers" tab.

The Servers tab in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

On the left hand side, scroll down to the bottom to add your server, by clicking on the "Add Server" button.

Image on where to add a server in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Give your server a name, it can be whatever you want to call it in the "Server Name" text box. Then, enter in either the IP address or the hostname like in the example below and click the "Save" button.

Adding a server to Minecraft Bedrock Edition

You'll be taken back to the "Servers" tab with your server shown in the Additional Servers section.

Server listings in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Last step! Click on your server in Additional Servers and click on the "Join Server" button on the right side.

Image of joining your Minecraft Bedrock Edition server

You'll then be connected to your server! Have fun building crazy contraptions and buildings!

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