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How to Become Admin in your Avorion Server

Becoming Admin in your Avorion Server

  • First, connect to your server via IP address, using dedicated IP address provided on the 'overview' page of your control panel. You will need to start and connect to the server at least once so the game can recognize your name and SteamID64.

  • Refer to the related article for instructions on how to join your server.

After you have connected successfully and closed the game, find the 'Console' tab in your Control Panel. Find the console for your Avorion server

Once you have connected to your server, the console will show both your user and Steam ID, which you will need. Your Steam ID will be the number found in these messages in the console after you connect to your server: Where to find your SteamID64 Avorion

In the command line, type /admin -a --name <your playername> --id <your SteamID64> Example: /admin -a --name Player1 --id 123456789123456789

Command to become admin in Avorion

If successful, you should see this message in your console:

Successful addition of admin to Avorion

To be sure it was successful you can check in the 'admin.xml' file. To find this file, go to: File Manager -> Galaxies -> your galaxy -> admin.xml

Where to find the Galaxies folder Avorion Where to find your galaxy's folder where to find admin.xml

Click edit. Scroll to the bottom to find <administrators>

Successful addition of admin Avorion

If it shows the SteamID64 and name that you input, congrats! You're now an admin in that galaxy.

To remove an admin, use the same command, but -r instead of -a: /admin -r --name <playername> --id <SteamID64>

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