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Understanding Guilds for Palworld

This is a guide all about guilds in Palworld. You’ll learn how to create or join a guild, as well as how to leave one.

Creating/Joining A Guild in Palworld

When players start a new game, they are automatically part of a solo guild called “Unnamed Guild” by default. During multiplayer, a Guild is formed when more players join together.

Commands to ask to join another player's Guild will appear when you approach another player.

Joiniing a guild prompt while playing on a Palworld server

If a player has built a Palbox, and then joins a Guild which would cause the Guild to exceed the maximum number of Palboxes, a warning will appear saying that they cannot join a Guild. Make sure to dismantle your own Palbox before asking to join a Guild.

Leaving A Guild in Palworld

Leave Guild From The Menu

Select the Guild tab from the in-game menu and press the red button in the upper right corner. It’ll bring up a warning screen. If you select "Yes" when the warning appears, you will leave the Guild you are currently a member of.

The Guild Master has the power to remove members from the Guild.

Assigning Guild Master to someone else

If you are a Guild Master, you must assign another person as guild master first to leave the Guild.

You just need to select another member you wish to assign as the Guild Master.

A view of the various options when selecting a player in the Guild menu on a Palworld server

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