How to Quickly Find and Join Your Rust Server

Last updated: 05/07/20
written by  Nodecraft Staff

This guide will show you how to quickly find and join your Rust server, instead of waiting for your server to appear in the in-game listings in the title screen. One of the quickest methods is to simply add your Rust server as a "favorite" server in Steam.

Start up Steam game client

In the upper left corner of steam, click on the word "view" in tiny letters across the top of the screen. A drop down menu will appear, and then click on "Servers" on that menu.

A view of the Steam game client, showing the "View" dropdown menu, with "Servers" highlighted.

"Servers" Window

You will see the following window appear. Make sure the "Favorite" tab is selected.

A view of the "Server" window in Steam client, showing the "Add a Server" button.

Then, click on the "Add a Server" button and it will open another smaller window, like below:

A view of the window for adding a server to favorites servers on Steam

In the small box, enter your IP address. Make sure you follow it with :28015, like so:

Your Rust server IP address

The IP address of your Rust server will be shown on the "Overview" tab of the Nodecraft control panel, in the "Server Information" section (under all the graphs that show CPU and RAM usage).

A view of the Nodecraft control panel, showing server information and the IP address

(The IP address is covered up by a red box for this example.)

When added correctly (remember the port number!), it will show in the "Favorites" tab of the "Servers" window with the correct server name.

A view of the favorite servers window showing a server correctly added.

It should show the server name, player count, and map in the window.

Start up Rust on Steam

From the title screen of Rust, click on "Play Game."

A view of the title screen of the game Rust.

Then click on the "Favorited" tab of the game listings, and you will see the server that you just added listed there!

A view of the "Favorited" tab of in-game server listings of Rust.

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