Creating a Mapcycle for your Insurgency: Sandstorm Server

Last updated: 06/14/19
written by  Nodecraft Staff

Create "Mapcycle" file

The "mapcycle" file must be created in the folder: Insurgency/Config/Server/. It should be a standard .txt format. You can create the text file on your own computer, and upload it to the server, or use the "create file" button in the file manager view of the control panel, which opens a text editor. If you create the file in the Nodecraft control panel, make sure to include the extender .txt at the end of the file name when you are creating the file.

Naming the "Mapcycle" file

The mapcycle files does not need to be called "mapcycle". The actual file name can be whatever you want it to be, and you can have multiple files for different setups. One for training, one for competitives matches, etc.

You can change which file is actually loaded by the game by using the command line -MapCycle parameter (explained below).

Enter Scenario Names in .txt file

Add individual scenario names from the "Scenario List" section at the end of this article, to the file.
One scenerio per line, with a blank line in-between each one.

Set -mapcycle Parameter:

To tell the server which mapcycle file to actually load on startup, you need to set that in the "startup arguments" on the game settings tab of the control panel.

Click on game settings, then the advanced settings tab across the top, and then scroll down the bottom of the page, until you see the "startup arguments" box as shown below.


In the startup arguments box, add the following setting:

-mapcycle (filename)

All startup arguments require the "-" at the beginning. Do not include the file extender .txt at the end. So if the mapcycle is called "mapcycle.txt" you would load it with:

-mapcycle mapcycle

Scenario List:

  • Scenario names have 3-4 sections to them, separated by underscores.

  • the second section of the name refers to the map the scenario is played on. For example: "ScenarioCrossingCheckpoint_Insurgents" is played on the "crossing" map.

  • The third section tells what game mode it is played on: "Checkpoint" is Co-Op mode, "Firefight", "Push" and "Skirmish" are Versus mode scenarios.

  • The fourth section is what team you are starting as ("security" or "insurgents"), or at what end of the map ("East" or "West") you start at.

  • Skirmish scenarios have no fourth section, it's a free-for-all battle royale game mode, with no teams or starting positions.

For Checkpoint scenarios “Insurgents” and “Security”, refer to the faction you play as. For Push, the faction names represent the team you attack as. Firefight for most maps will contain a West and an East layout.

At the heading of each scenario section, if you see a word in parenthesis after the scenario name, that is the actual name of the map it's played on. For example with "Crossing (canyon):", the name of the map that all "crossing" scenarios are played on is actually called "canyon" internally inside the game. If you no second word in parenthesis, then the map is the same name as the scenario. This is actually not needed for setting the mapcycle file, but it might come in handy when doing other things with your server.

Crossing (Canyon):

Scenario Name Description
ScenarioCrossingCheckpoint_Insurgents Checkpoint Insurgents
ScenarioCrossingCheckpoint_Security Checkpoint Security
ScenarioCrossingFirefight_West Firefight West
ScenarioCrossingPush_Insurgents Push Insurgents
ScenarioCrossingPush_Security Push Security
ScenarioCrossingSkirmish Skirmish


Scenario Name Description
ScenarioFarmhouseCheckpoint_Insurgents Checkpoint Insurgents
ScenarioFarmhouseCheckpoint_Security Checkpoint Security
ScenarioFarmhouseFirefight_East Firefight East
ScenarioFarmhouseFirefight_West Firefight West
ScenarioFarmhousePush_Insurgents Push Insurgents
ScenarioFarmhousePush_Security Push Security
ScenarioFarmhouseSkirmish Skirmish

Hideout (Town)

Scenario Name Description
ScenarioHideoutCheckpoint_Insurgents Checkpoint Insurgents
ScenarioHideoutCheckpoint_Security Checkpoint Security
ScenarioHideoutFirefight_East Firefight East
ScenarioHideoutFirefight_West Firefight West
ScenarioHideoutPush_Insurgents Push Insurgents
ScenarioHideoutPush_Security Push Security
ScenarioHideoutSkirmish Skirmish


Scenario Name Description
ScenarioPrecinctCheckpoint_Insurgents Checkpoint Insurgents
ScenarioPrecinctCheckpoint_Security Checkpoint Security
ScenarioPrecinctFirefight_East Firefight East
ScenarioPrecinctFirefight_West Firefight West
ScenarioPrecinctPush_Insurgents Push Insurgents
ScenarioPrecinctPush_Security Push Security
ScenarioPrecinctSkirmish Skirmish

Refinery (Oilfield)

Scenario Name Description
ScenarioRefineryCheckpoint_Insurgents Checkpoint Insurgents
ScenarioRefineryCheckpoint_Security Checkpoint Security
ScenarioRefineryFirefight_West Firefight West
ScenarioRefineryPush_Insurgents Push Insurgents
ScenarioRefineryPush_Security Push Security
ScenarioRefinerySkirmish Skirmish

Summit (Mountain)

Scenario Name Description
ScenarioSummitCheckpoint_Insurgents Checkpoint Insurgents
ScenarioSummitCheckpoint_Security Checkpoint Security
ScenarioSummitFirefight_East Firefight East
ScenarioSummitFirefight_West Firefight West
ScenarioSummitPush_Insurgents Push Insurgents
ScenarioSummitPush_Security Push Security
ScenarioSummitSkirmish Skirmish

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