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How to Become an Admin on Your V Rising Dedicated Server

Looking to get more control over your V Rising server? If you become an Admin, you’ll be able to enter commands such as kicking bad players, teleporting around the map, etc. directly in the game console. This article will describe how to set up your server so that you can use these commands.

Locate the adminlist.txt

The main file where all admins will need to be placed is the adminlist.txt . This can be located in your File Manager in the /VRisingServer_Data/StreamingAssets/Settings directory or folder.

Nodecraft File Manager highlighting where the adminlist.txt can be located.

Add Your SteamID64

Once you’ve found your admin configuration file click to Edit the file. This file by default will be empty. To add your Steam account as an admin for the server you’ll need to enter your SteamID64 on an empty line. If you are unfamiliar with what your SteamID64 is we recommend checking out our article on How to quickly find Steam ID numbers. For multiple accounts each SteamID64 will need to be on its own line.

V Rising adminlist.txt example with Nodecraft Steam 64 ID

Once this file is saved you have successfully added yourself as an admin!

Using Admin Commands

To enter commands for your server your game console will need to be enabled and you will need to be connected to the server. Once you have joined your server open your Options. Under General make sure Console has been Enabled.

V Rising Options Menu highlighting the Console Enabled setting

Once that is done go back to the game and press ~ to open your game console. Enter adminauth to get access to all Admin commands. You should see the You now have Administrator priveleges (SuperAdmin)! in your chat to confirm the commands success.

V Rising admin confirmation message a player receives in chat

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