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How To Use Secret World Seeds For Terraria

Secret world seeds are seeds that have been discovered by the general community as easter eggs that generate worlds with unique features. They are different from regular seeds, as they can produce worlds with unique game mechanics. For example, they may change enemy stats, their behavior, item drops, in-game music, and much more.

As of writing this article, there are currently eight different known secret seeds and if you’d like to know specific details about these seeds, we recommend this wiki link:

Secret World Seed Options

It is very important to note that the majority of secret seeds are case-sensitive, so copying and pasting the seeds is recommended.

Drunk World



Not the bees

not the bees

not the bees!


For the worthy

for the worthy








The Constant



the constant



No traps

no traps


Don't dig up

don't dig up

dont dig up


Get fixed boi

get fixed boi


How to create a World Using a Secret Seed

There are a couple of different ways to generate a world with a secret seed for your server. We will show you 3 different ways.


The way you can generate a world is by using our World Generation GUI built into Nodecraft’s Control Panel.

Navigate to Game Settings on the left-hand side, then to the Worlds tab near the top, then click Create New World.

A view of the World Creation GUI within Nodepanel for a Terraria server

You’ll have various options to create a world of your choice, but the most important field you’ll want to edit is the World Seed text box. Enter your chosen seed and then click the Create button on the lower right, and the server will begin to Start with your selected configurations, and then you can begin to play!

A view of the World Creation GUI within Nodepanel for a Terraria server, editing the World Seed field

The following screenshot is a view of 8 different worlds that have a secret seed, ready to be swapped between.

A view of several world options for a Terraria server within Nodepanel

Edit the serverconfig.txt file

If you don’t have access to Nodecraft’s Control Panel, you’ll want to Edit your server’s serverconfig.txt file in your server’s main directory of files.

A view of the File Manager within Nodepanel, selecting the serverconfig.txt file for a Terraria server to edit

There are various settings within this file to configure a world of your choosing, but the important one to make note of it the seed= field. Enter the seed you want to use, Save it, and then Start your server.

A view of the contents of the serverconfig.txt file for a Terraria server within Nodepanel, editing the seed setting

Upload a world

You can also generate the world with the secret seed you want to use in Singleplayer, and then upload it to the server. This is a pretty valid way to do so, as if you want to have a specific World Evil (Crimson or Corruption) on the server, the GUI in Singleplayer is the only way to control that particular option.

Follow our article for how to upload your world to your server for details.

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