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Uploading an Existing World to Your Valheim Server

This article will show you how you can upload your existing Valheim world to your dedicated server.

World File Location

First, locate your world data. The default location for the save data on Windows is: C:\Users\(Your PC Username)\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\worlds_local.

You will need to create a .zip file of all of the files associated with the world you created. The particular world that we will be using in this guide is the one called "NodecraftServer".

Client file location of Valheim Worlds highlighting the NodecraftServer world exampleIf your world files aren't there, make sure your world save is stored locally instead of in the cloud. This can be done in the Manage Saves screen in the Main Menu.

Valheim Manage Saves UI highlighting Move to Local Button

Upload Your World

Upload the zip file you just made to the "File Manager" section on your NodePanel in the location: /.config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim/worlds_local.

Select the zip file and click on the "Unzip" button in your NodePanel File Manager.

The NodePanel File Manager highlighting where to unzip your local Valheim world folder

Change Server Settings

Now we need to tell the server to use the world we just uploaded. There's two ways you can do this.


In the "Game Settings" section in your panel, change the "World Name" field to the name of your world. You'll need to match the name of the file exactly.

Changing the World Name setting for a Valheim server in NodePanel

Save your changes and Start your server. You'll be using your world on your dedicated server!

Startup Argument

If you're using Nodecraft and NodePanel, you do NOT need to do this step. This step is only useful if you're hosting the server elsewhere, and not with with Nodecraft.

If you don't have access to our NodePanel, you'll need to use a startup argument instead. The argument you will use is:

-world "Your World Name"
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