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Setting Hostname on a Garry's Mod Server

Setting Hostname of a Server in Garry's Mod

Changing the hostname of the server is done by editing the server.cfg file, which is located in the folder garrysmod/cfg

Click on file manager on the left side of the Nodecraft server control panel, click on the the folder garrysmod, and then on the folder cfg.

Locate the file server.cfg, select it, and then click the button edit that appears at the top of the file manager window.

A view of the file manager for a garry's mod server, showing the location of the file

After you select the server.cfg file, and click edit, you will see the following.

Normally this file is "empty", with no settings visible (unless you have already added some).

A view of a stock garrys mod server.cfg file, which is normally found empty

On the first empty line, add the following text:

hostname "`servernamehere`"

Replace servernamehere with the name you want your Garry's Mod server to show up as in game listings. The text must be between quotation marks.

Click save in the upper right corner of the file manager, and restart the server for these changes to take place

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