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How to Become Admin and Enter Commands on Your Project Zomboid Dedicated Server

There are two different ways you can easily use admin commands on your server. You can directly enter commands in your server console or you can create an admin character in game. This guide will explain how to set up both for your dedicated server.

Setting Up the Nodepanel Console

When you first deploy a new Project Zomboid instance and start the server immediately you may see the following message in your server console.

Nodepanel server console requesting an admin password

Either enter an admin password in the console and then enter it once more to confirm, or stop the server and enter an Admin Password in your Game Settings tab.

Nodepanel Game Settings highlighting where to enter the admin password

Once the server is green and fully online you’ll be able to enter any available commands. For a list of commands that can be used type help in the console.

Creating an Admin Character

While the server console will give you some measure of control, it is better for some commands to be used in game. First, create a character and join your server.

Change Your Character’s Access

Once you have joined you can immediately set your characters admin level by entering the following command in your server console with your character’s Account Username.

setaccesslevel Account_Username admin

Nodepanel server console entering the setaccesslevel command to add an admin for Project Zomboid

You will immediately notice a change in game with a new title being added to your character.

Project Zomboid character with the Admin label

Entering Commands and the Admin UI

In game, all commands are entered through the chat box on the bottom left-hand side usually with a / beforehand. Type /help to get the list of commands.

Project Zomboid console entering the help command

You will also see a new button in your bar on the left-hand side giving you more info about your server.

Project Zomboid highlighting the Admin button and panel

Different Admin Access Levels

The command setaccesslevel used earlier also has other administrative titles that can be given to set up a hierarchy of access levels. In order of the most administrative powers you have:

  • Admin

  • Moderator

  • Overseer

  • GM

  • Observer

  • None

For more information on the specific differences between the roles and to discuss these levels we recommend checking out The Indie Stone’s pinned post on their forum.

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