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Creating Ark’s Exclusive Allow List

While Ark provides the option for a server password, the allow list option specifies exactly who can join your server. This article will show you the steps in creating the list and enabling it on your command line.

Find Your Player’s IDs

In order to join the server with the allow list, each player’s Steam64ID or Epic Game ID are needed. For both Steam and Epic Game IDs, you can load a Single player game and use the command cheat listplayers to list your ID. Otherwise we recommend reading our article How to quickly find Steam ID numbers for further info about acquiring Steam IDs.

Ark command listplayers example on SteamArk command listplayers example on Epic

Create the Allow List

In your File Manager open the /ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux directory. You’ll want to create a new file here called PlayersJoinNoCheckList.txt

File Manager highlighting the PlayersJoinNoCheckList fileIn this file you’ll want to add each ID onto its own line and save your changes.

Ark Allow List example

Enable the Allow List

Now that the server has your player ID’s to verify, you’ll finally want to enable the allow list. In the Game Settings section of your Nodepanel open the Advanced tab.

Ark Game Settings highlighting the exclusive join command line argumentAdd -exclusivejoin as a startup argument to your command line, and you're good to start the server! Any player who tries to join that is not on the list will receive the following error instead.

Ark kick message when joining a server with an allow list

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