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How to Install Mods on Your Insurgency: Sandstorm Client

This guide will show you how to manage and install mods directly in your Insurgency: Sandstorm client, which can be done entirely from within the game.

The game supports two methods for installing mods on the client:

  • Manually subscribing to mods in-game, and automatically installing them on your own client.

  • Automatic download of mods to the client when a player joins a server with mods already installed.

Both methods require that you first log into a account, which you can do from the "Mods" menu in-game.

A view of the title screen for the game of Insurgency: Sandstorm, showing the mods option

When on the "Mods" page, click on the logo in the lower left corner.

A view of the Mods page in the Insurgency: Sandstorm client, showing how to login into a account.

This will open a small window in the center of the screen, showing the login screen for the site. Click on the "Login" button in the upper right corner of the window.

A view of the login screen for being displayed directly in the Insurgency: Sandstorm client

If you are using Insurgency: Sandstorm on the Steam platform, you can click directly on a "Login with Steam" button to login in automatically under your Steam account! On a second screen that appears, just click on a green "Login" button, and you will be logged into!

A view of the login with steam option on the screen in Insurgency: Sandstorm client.

You can click on the blue text "Continue to" underneath the steam button to see other login options as well.

If you have already have accounts on any of the following services (in addition to Steam), you can use your login information from these services to log into (instead of making a new account):

  • Xbox Live


  • Google

  • Facebook

If you don't already use one of these services, simply create a new account on directly. The account can be made for free! You can actually finish the entire sign up process to create a new account directly inside this small pop window, inside the client.

When you're signed into your account, close the small window, and click on the small text in the top center of the screen that says: "Click here to return to the game". You will go back to the menu screens of Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Subscribe to Mods Manually

  • On the "Mods" page, there are two buttons at the top of the screen, "Browse" and "Subscribed".

  • On the "Browse" tab, you can see all available mods, filter them, and search for specific mods.

The "Subscribed" button will quickly show only your currently subscribed mods.

Searching for Mods

On the browse screen, the search bar in the upper left corner can be used to search for specific mods.

A view of the mods for Insurgency: Sandstorm , showing the search bar.

You can also click and unclick boxes on the left side to filter whole types of mods being shown.

Subscribe to Mods

Once you find an interesting mod, click on it's thumbnail, and you will see a page describing it appear (like the example below). You can also click on a button labelled "View on" to see more detailed descriptions (which often include specific installation and configuration instructions usually required for servers).

A view of the page for an individual mod in Insurgency: Sandstorm

Simply click on the "Subscribe" button, and the mod will be downloaded to your client!

You will quickly see a small download progress bar (similar to the screenshot shown in the following section on automatic downloads) appear at the top of the screen, above the mods image.

Auto Download Mods When Joining Server

When a player joins an Insurgency: Sandstorm server with mods installed, the player will be prompted to download the mods.

The will see the following screen:

A view of the screen for automatically downloading mods inside Insurgency: Sandstorm

If a player has signed into a account inside the client, they will begin to automatically download the mods.

If they have NOT signed into a account, the mod download process will stall at this loading screen, and no progress will be made on downloading.

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