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Creating An Allowlist (Whitelist) For Your Terraria Server

Creating an Allowlist for your Terraria server is really easy with TShock. Vanilla Terraria sadly doesn’t have an allowlist feature by default, so you’ll need to add the modding software TShock to your server.

Installing TShock To Your Server

Remember that if you Install TShock, you cannot add tModLoader mods to your server. TShock and tModLoader are two different modding software for Terraria.

If you’ve created a TShock server from your Nodecraft Dashboard, skip ahead to the Adding Players to the Whitelist section of this article.

If you’ve been playing vanilla Terraria, continue reading, and we’ll show you how to install TShock and continue using the world you’ve been playing on.

Create a Backup

First things first, and something that’s generally a good idea to do whenever you make any significant changes to your server (for any game) is creating a backup to have a fallback point.

Click on the Backups tab on the left-hand side of the panel, and click the Create Backup button on the upper right portion of the panel.

A view of how to create a backup for your Terraria/tModLoader server using Nodepanel with Nodecraft

Install TShock using the One Click Installer

Once your backup is completed, click on the One Click Installer tab on the left-hand side of the panel, scroll down a little until you see TShock, click on it, and Install via the default option Archive.

A view of the One Click Installer in Nodepanel selecting TShock to installA view of the One Click Installer installing TShock via the Archive method in Nodepanel

After that is done, click on the File Manager tab in the panel, and near the top will be an _old_files folder. This is where your server’s previous files got relocated for safekeeping.

Select your worlds folder and the serverconfig.txt file, click the Move button in the upper right, and use the dropdown menu to select /(main folder).

A view of moving files in Nodepanel for Terraria with TShockA view of the GUI for where to direct the files you're moving within Nodepanel

Adding Players to the Allowlist (Whitelist)

Next, you’ll want to turn your server on using the Start button.

From there, click on the Console tab in the panel, and near the bottom will be a text field for you to input commands to the server.

Issue the command /whitelist IP replacing IP with the player's IP address, and you’re all set!

A view of using the whitelist command in the Console within Nodepanel using TShock for Terraria

You can also use this command in-game if you’ve given yourself admin. Furthermore, you can review our guide on how to make yourself an admin.

Alternatively, you can directly edit the whitelist.txt file in the /config folder in the File Manager, you’ll just want to Restart the server for any changes you’ve made to apply.

A view of the whitelist.txt file for TShock in Nodepanel

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