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Adding Plugins To Your Valheim Server Using BepInEx

This guide will walk you through how to add plugins to your Valheim server using the BepInEx framework.

Install BepInEx

Deploy a BepInEx server from your Dashboard or Install BepInEx in the One Click Installer using the Merge option in your server Panel.

The One Click Installer for Valheim with Nodepanel

Installing BepInEx for Valheim within Nodepanel

You're now ready to add plugins to your server. It's that simple! No need to configure any startup scripts. Here at Nodecraft we've done that bit for you.

Upload your Plugins

Locate the File Manager tab in your Panel and find the /BepInEx/plugins directory. This is where you will be uploading your plugin .dll files.

Thankfully, Valheim is very easy to mod using BepInEx, as most plugins are simply .dll files you'll upload into this directory.

The directory where Valheim plugins will be installed using Nodepanel

It's very important to read and follow any instructions each plugin author provides, as some plugins have extra files that are needed to be uploaded as well. If you ever run into any issues or have questions on where to find certain directories, please reach out to us in Support!

Let's use Valheim Plus as an example. We will need to download the version that is compatible with Linux, as that is the OS that our servers use.

Downloading Valheim Plus from Nexus Mods

When you download this plugin from Nexus Mods, you'll get a lot of extra files and folders that aren't needed to upload to your Nodecraft server. Most of these files are BepInEx files that you already have installed on the server and are unnecessary to upload again.

All the files provided with the manual download of Valheim Plus

The only file you'll need to upload to the server is the ValheimPlus.dll file.

The Valheim Plus .dll file

Upload it to the /BepInEx/plugins directory.

Uploading the Valheim Plus .dll file to Nodepanel

Your server is all set to start up and be joinable with your new plugin(s)!

Where to find plugins

Here are a couple (not all) popular modding sites where you can find plugins:


Nexus Mods

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