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In-Game Controls

Common Default Controls

While this is not a complete list of every control in-game, it does cover the most common ones for a PC keyboard to get you started!

Keyboard Button Action
W/A/S/D Directional Forward/Left/Back/Right. Controls Pitch and Roll in flight.
Left Alt Hold to turn in place
Left Shift Run or Accelerate in flight
Right Mouse Button Hold to aim
E Interact (eat/drink/hatch/ect)
Q Special Ability
R Sit/Rest
Long hold R Lie down (do it again to Sleep)
C Crouch/Stalk
I Character info
O Social panel
M Set waypoint
N Build
X Swimming Ascend/Rise
Z Swimming Descend/Lower
P Photo Mode
v Nightvision
Spacebar Jump or Decelerate in flight
Right Mound Button + E Picks up hatchling dragons in your group
Left Mouse Button Bite
Hold Right + Left Mouse Breath/Bile Attack
Mouse Scroll Wheel Zoom in or Zoom out
Middle Mouse Button Reset camera
1 Roar emote
2 Threaten emote
3 Greet emote
4 Fear emote
5 Court emote
Enter Chat mode/mouse mode
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