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How to Reset Player Data for Palworld

Owners and Admins of Palworld servers can reset player data. Resetting player data can be used to address glitches, exploits, or instances of unfair advantages players may run into. The process entails erasing a player's progress, prompting them to create a new character. Resetting player data may become necessary for reasons such as data corruption or ensuring a balanced and fair gaming experience for everyone, offering a chance for a fresh beginning.

You will need to be an Admin of your server to do this. We have a guide on how you can become an Admin if you’re not sure how.

Resetting Player Data

  1. Launch the game and connect to the server, the player whose data you want to reset will also need to connect.

  2. Make yourself an admin and use the /ShowPlayers command.

  3. Record the Player’s UID, which is the middle number.
    A view of the Show Players command for Palworld, getting the playeruid

  4. Convert the Player UID which is in a Decimal format to Hexadecimal. There are many different sites that can perform this. This site is one of them:

  5. Stop the server.

  6. Navigate to the "File Manager" tab in the Panel and navigate to the directory: /home/container/Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0/<randomletters+numbers>/Players The <randomletters+numbers> portion is your world folder, it also corresponds with the DedicatedServerName setting in your GameUserSettings.ini file.
    A view of the Nodepanel's File Manager, showing the location of the player save files for a Palworld server

  7. Match the hexadecimal from Step 4 with the <player>.sav file and delete the file.

  8. Start the server, and when the player joins the server will be prompted to make a new character.

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