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Installing Sourcemod / Metamod on your server

A lot of Source Engine games such as Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike Source, etc. can be extended via the use of Metamod and Sourcemod. This guide will show you to install Metamod and Sourcemod on your Nodecraft game server.

What is Metamod?

Metamod is a C++ plugin environment for Source engine games. It essentially acts as a mod that sits between the game and the engine, allowing plugins to intercept calls that flow between. It specifically provides a mechanism called SourceHook, which is a very powerful library for intercepting overriding and superseding virtual function calls. You can find more information on their website.

What is Sourcemod?

Sourcemod is a server modification that depends on Metamod, and then extends various Source engine games with a highly optimised platform for scripting plugins and handling server administration. A base-set of plugins is included, but there are thousands of plugins available in the community from sites such as the AlliedModders forums. You can find more information on their website.


Download Metamod and Sourcemod from the following URLs:

Grab the Penguin!

Here at Nodecraft, the servers run on Linux, so make sure to get the Linux versions of both files, which are identified by the penguin mascot of Linux.

Download Linux versions of Sourcemod and Metamod

We recommend the stable builds unless you have a specific requirement. Once downloaded, you should have a folder ready with the 2 tar.gz archives, like so (the filenames and sizes may be slightly different): Metamod and Sourcemod downloads

Upload both of these archives to your server's main game directory. Depending on your game, this may be tf, cstrike, etc.. A reference can be found below:

Game Directory
Counter Strike: Source cstrike
Counter Strike: Global Offensive csgo
Left 4 Dead left4dead
Left 4 Dead 2 left4dead2
Team Fortress 2 tf

Your server directory should now look something like the following: Metamod and sourcemod uploads

Using the File Manager, extract both of these archives by selecting them, and then hitting the untar button, like so: Unarchive sourcemod/metamod

Make sure you extract both the sourcemod and mmsource archives using the Untar option.

Your addons directory should now contain 2 folders; metamod, sourcemod, and a metamod.vdf.

Generate your Metamod vdf

In order for your game to recognise Metamod (and therefore Sourcemod), you must provide a metamod.vdf file in your addons directory. We'd recommend using the generator as found on the Metamod website, but a reference can be found below, using TF2 as an example:

	"file"	"../tf/addons/metamod/bin/server"

Make sure you first delete the pre-existing metamod.vdf file in the addons directory, and then upload your newly generated one, like so: Valid metamod and sourcemod installation

Final Steps

It's now time to test the installation by starting up your server. Once your server is online again, you'll want to run 2 commands to test that the installation was successful:

  • meta version

  • sm version

Both of these commands should print output about the version of Metamod/Sourcemod you are running. If it looks like the following, the installation was successful and you can begin using Sourcemod! If not, take a look back at the previous steps, or contact our support team for further assistance. Successful Sourcemod/Metamod install

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