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How To Generate A Downloadable Log File

If you're modding with Arma 3, a log file is necessary in order to debug issues you might be having with your configs.

Here at Nodecraft, our servers are in the Linux OS, so this data is output into the Console tab of your Panel.

In order for this information to be logged into a file that you can download, you'll just need to add a few settings to your server.

Creating the server.cfg file

The first thing you'll want to do is create and activate a server.cfg file. We have another guide on how you can do so HERE.

Redirect the Console to a downloadable log file

You'll then need to add the config line: logFile = "filename"; into your server.cfg file.

Adding the logFile setting to a server.cfg file for Arma 3 in Nodepanel

When your server is next started up, the file will be generated into the /share folder in the File Manager. This is where we've defaulted the -profiles startup argument to here at Nodecraft, which you can change if you so wish.

The log file location in the /share folder in Nodepanel for Arma 3

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