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Palworld Moderator Guide

One of the current struggles of creating your own Palworld Server in the Early Access version is knowing when players join so you can start moderating your server. If you've not set a server password due to the launch-day bug, you may have players on your server and not even know it.

Admin Yourself

This is pretty easy process and we've got an extensive guide for how to make yourself an admin for your Palworld Server. In summary, once you've run the /AdminPassword yoursetpassword command, replacing the yoursetpasword with your server's Admin Password, you can continue.

Listing Players

Thankfully, one of the Palworld Server Admin Commands gives you information about players! The only trick: the current Early Access version's chat box doesn't make it easy to parse the information.

Running the command /ShowPlayers will present a list of players in the chat, but as of the current version when writing this article, it'll likely look like this:

A view of the showplayers command in-game for Palworld

There aren't any known ways to improve this at this time, but our dev team is exploring options improve visibility of player joins for admins.


We've built a tool to easily monitor your Palworld server, and send announcements to your players. Visit to use it!

Moderating Players

The official server guide for Palworld reports commands for the server, similar to the more comprehensive Palworld Command Guide published by the Nodecraft Support team's research. For example, you don't have to use the SteamID to target players on your server. The Player UID, as provided by Epic's Matchmaking services can also be used, and is much shorter to target players.

Be careful when preparing admin commands Pressing escape or clicking outside of the chat box will instantly send the command to the server, even if you're not ready!

Broadcast to Communicate

Communication with players is a staple to fostering a great community in your Palworld server. Broadcast will send a chat message to all players, without any designation of which admin it's coming from.

Send command: /Broadcast Stop bringing wild Pals to other player bases to warn players.


If you can't get ahold of the player in chat, the next best thing is to teleport players. This gets their attention quickly by having an admin visit them. Just be prepared before you move players, they might react hostile, thinking it's an in-game event.

You can use one of two commands:

Bring a player to you: /TeleportToMe 123456 where 123456 is either the player UID or Steam ID.

Teleport to a player: /TeleportToPlayer 123456 where 123456 is either the player UID or Steam ID.

Kicking Players

If your broadcast command didn't get the attention of the player, a Kick can surely help. Unfortunately, in the current version of Palworld you cannot set a message with the kick to help the player understand why they were kicked.

The kicked player can still rejoin your server, but hopefully they understand their Pal's and progress on your Palworld server are at risk and might be more willing to cooperate with you.

Send command: /KickPlayer 123456 where 123456 is either the player UID or Steam ID.

Banning/Unbanning Players

If all else fails, you can ban players. This will prevent them ever joining your server again.

Warning: You cannot unban players via a command.

Send command: /BanPlayer 123456 where 123456 is either the player UID or Steam ID.

Should you need to unban a player, our support team has written a KB article which covers the process of unbanning players from your Palworld Server. There are quite a few steps, which involve you editing the /Pal/Saved/SaveGames/banlist.txt file on your server - make sure you give it a read!

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